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A special pre-release at Chaosium Con Australia! - Arthur the Soldier, the first book in our new Pendragon Fiction line

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Arthur the Soldier: Cover

A special pre-release at Chaosium Con Australia! This is the evocative first title in Chaosium’s new Pendragon Fiction line, to be launched worldwide in November. In Arthur the Soldier, Arthurian scholar Chris Gidlow brings the legends of King Arthur to life, vividly transporting the reader to tumultuous post-Roman Britain.

A literary novel of Arthurian legend, Arthur the Soldier peers through the myths of King Arthur, and shows what might have been the Dark Age reality—a blooded soldier, returned from distant wars, striving to bring unity and order to the land he loves.

We will have advance copies available for purchase, and Chaosium's Fiction Line Editor Susan O'Brien will be at the con to answer your questions about Chaosium's exciting plans for fiction.

Arthur the Soldier is the first volume of 'The Ruin of Britain' trilogy. It will be followed by Arthur, Leader of Battles and Arthur the Emperor.

Arthur the Soldier

-- The cover design is by Inkspiral Designs and Simon Bray --

Join us at Chaosium Con Australia - June 8-9, Melbourne

If you'd like to join us at Chaosium Con Australia, purchase a badge at the Aetherworks website here and then we will give you the link to the Chaosium Con Australia page at Tabletop Events. There you will be able to start building your personal timetable for the convention. You can register for all standard gaming sessions, panels, and other events at no cost.

All badge holders can buy tickets for VIP Games and the VIP Welcome Party. All other events are included free as part of the convention ticket.

-- all prices in Australian Dollars and include GST --

Chaosium Con Australia

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