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Using Prince Valiant Rules for KAP and GPC

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I have a opportunity to run a new campaign for some young players this year.

And I'm keen on using Greg's Prince Valiant rules as the easy ramp, rules-lite system to get them started.

HOWEVER, the rules being tied to the King Features license has made it nearly impossible to find anyone online who even knows what it is, much less have experience using it with the KAP scenario material.

The KAP and PV rules have many similarities, and I'm surprised that Chaosium hasn't already made the time to isolate the mechanics and put them out  as a Pendragon-Lite option to entice younger players (the game mechanics Greg devised can't be part of that license). Because we NEED a new generation of Pendragon Players!

ANYONE here who has experience, knowledge, or interest of/in the use of Prince Valiant rules for serious campaign playing, please jump in with your comments. Links to any resources are welcome too.

For Example: I'm currently trying to create a "Winter Phase" that compliments the PV mechanics. A little tricky when just using a binary dice pool. 😛

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What I did was use the Pendragon rules instead of the PV rules. I converted PV's timeline to fit within the rules of the Grand Pendragon Campaign based upon the adventures put in the comics. Because PV as written did not fit Pendragon's rules, I suggested how to convert using alternative rulings so PV can fit within Pendragon. That way, the story could be told from Pendragon point of view.

I did not think of reversing it to make Pendragon fit PV.  I admit it could be done. Each coin is 50-50. But add a second coin, and now you have 25-50-25. So, by adding multiple coins, you can change the odds/percentages. A third coin results in 12.5-37.5-37.5-12.5 and so on. So, depending on how deep you wish to go as far as choices, simply add another coin to the total.

I already submitted all this to Chaosium, but the real problem is they do not have the license at the present time. Thus, we cannot do anything with Prince Valiant. Maybe, could do a generic coin dependent system without any mention, but the question then becomes why should they, as the already have Pendragon?

Interested in hearing what your thoughts on this are, as I think PV would make a great addition to the Pendragon world. It would definitely be Your Pendragon Will Vary campaign, but it would be satisfying to have my characters actually meeting Prince Valiant.

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