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(Online) New player looking for a game on a weekday evening! (EST)

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Hey there!

I'm Safia, 24. I've mostly only played D&D, but I've been looking to branch out for a long time! I gave 2018 Runequest a very light skim and it seems cool, so I'd love to give it a shot. 😎 

As a player, I like intrigue, inter-party conflict, and delving into the lore/history of the setting, so expect some of that! I'm not too familiar with the system or the setting but I'd love to learn. Thanks for considering me!

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Hey, Saf. I’m looking for a weeknight EST game too. Let me know if you find anything. I GM for some friends but would like to play some runequest with some new folks.

New to glorantha but excited to explore the setting and play out some Bronze Age, mythic adventures.

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