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Which kind of poster are you...?

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What kind of poster are you?  

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  1. 1. What kind of poster are you?

    • My office job is boring and I frequently check the forum to escape the insanity.
    • I have waaaaaaaay too much free time.
    • Some other reason (explain via post).
    • I am a lurker and no likey posty.

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Yep, I work for a University and so have a private office with outstanding Internet speed. Throughout the day I need to take some time away from work in order to recharge, so I usually skim through my favourite forums/news sites. I suppose I should get up from my desk and stretch my legs, but that would be healthy :eek:


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I put I have too much free time but that not really accurate. I work nights and my days off are often in middle of the week ,like today. So not a whole lot to do at home in middle of the week.. Well wife can think of a whole lot of things for me to do while at home alone but they are not very fun.:rolleyes:

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I am a stay-at-home father with a 2-year-old and newborn. Sometimes I get a moment or two throughout the day; but it really depends on how my girls are feeling at the moment. :lol:

Cool. I did that (or basically that) for several years for both my kids while finishing up my latest schooling and starting back to full time employment.

Now, I'm back as a professor and my days are way too busy to check here, when I'm at school. However, I still get there late after seeing my kids off on the bus or dropping off at daycare, and I get home before the bus arrives so I get a little free time for browsing...like now.

Otherwise, I mostly spend time doing this in the evening in one window while I prep for classes in the other. :thumb:

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What kind of poster am I?

The faded sort that has seen better days, sits on a wall and used to belong to a student who has grown up and left home but his parents haven't cleared out his room yet to let it to someone else.

That's what sort of poster I am.

Simon Phipp - Caldmore Chameleon - Wallowing in my elitism since 1982. Many Systems, One Family. Just a fanboy. 


Jonstown Compendium author. Find my contributions here

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I was curious as to how, throughout a workday, this site manages to accrue so many posts. Feel free to expand on your choice in the poll above.

I'm in IT systems admin so while servers are installing software, rebooting, formatting disks. etc I have plenty of time to surf. Half my job is surfing help forums and finding solutions anyway.

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Im a combat photographer in the army and when Im not at war I sit in my office and edit pictures and video or handle paperwork for my soldiers, which provides ample time to read a forum here and there.

Plus, living in Germany right now, I pay way to much for internet at home to not use it.

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Currently on sickness (more properly wound) leave because of left arm unusable.

I'm computer room manager, and when too tired installing servers (physically in addition to os) or removing them, laying power cables, connecting fibers an lan cables, tuning the UPS and cooling system, I connect to the web to see if I find way to ease my job. I use part of this small time to post.

Runequestement votre,


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I've left the City ratrace (was working in financial services web development in London) and now have a smallholding in rural Normandy and am slowly renovating an old battered farmhouse. I also spend a fair bit of time writing during the quiet times - and as this is a quiet time of year, here I am - quite a lot! Lambing season is right round the corner, though, and the planting season... :eek:

"The Worm Within" - the first novel for The Chronicles of Future Earth, coming 2013 from Chaosium, Inc.

Website: http://sarahnewtonwriter.com | Twitter: @SarahJNewton | Facebook: TheChroniclesOfFutureEarth

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