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More Reviews for Boldhome Blues are in.


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"..a scenario that combines originality, colorful and well-drawn NPCs... plot detail and playability whilst also being a fun read for the DM." Alex.
“Any module with a baboon pc and a passion called Duning Kruger will get my vote, but Shrader's script takes it to that extra level, with due respect to the historical/hysterical Film Noir sources.” John
“Forget it, kid. It's Boldhome. (Which is to say, if you're a fan of classic Hollywood, pick this up immediately. It's a light farce that shows off yet another register that Glorantha is able to accommodate with ease.)” Jasmine
“Buy this for the great ideas, unique presentation, wonderful NPCs, and above all, the great fun you'll have running it for your table.” Jim
And if you are after a Gloranthan discussion from this post, do you ever use or write scenarios tonally different from the more standard view, like this one, at your table?

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