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Favors: saving or sparing a life

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The new Favor system on p.204-206 is quite interesting, but I have a doubt.

P.206 speaks about saving or returning a parent or warhorse  = 1/10 their ransom or value.

  • What if a knight saves MY life?
  • What if an enemy spares ME instead of killing me? If I'm taken prisoner and a ransom is asked I guess I owe no favor to this enemy. However, what if he is quite Merciful and lets me go?

In both cases I guess the rate for family members and warhorses (1/10 the ransom or value) is definitively too low.

If I'm an honorable Vassal Knight (Ransom £10) and somebeody spares or save my life, a simple favor of £1 (1/10  or £10) is definitively too low.

And for Houshold (£4) and Mercenary (£3) knights the rounding down gets to "0", even suggesting that no favor is due!

Any suggestion or thought?

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I'd probably make it a Favor equal to the Ransom (or maybe half a Ransom to make it a bit less dramatic) if they spare and release you. If Ransom is demanded and paid, then obviously no Favor is owed, as the Ransom settles the score.

Someone saving you, I'd probably make it depend on the circumstances. If you were already a helpless captive, then yes, the above most likely. If they assist you when you are likely to get captured but have not been captured yet, I might go for the one-tenth rule, with a sliding scale as how dire your circumstances were. Note that generally saving your own Lord is part of your duty as his vassal/household knight already. That being said, while no official Favor would be owed, it would be a good way to get a favorite status and get rewarded with appointments etc down the line.

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