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Staffordshire Hoard Bracelet


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So, I'm fiddling around with wikipedia and I'm reading the article on the Staffordshire Hoard, which was found about 15 years ago. Much of the hoard is in bits and bobs, pieces of this and pieces of that with few whole items. But this one really caught my eye.

A gold bracelet with silver, garnet, and decorative stone elements. BEAUTIFUL artwork. And yeah, I can see this on the arm of a senior Yelmalio initiate...



Staffordshire Bracelet.jpg

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2 hours ago, Malin said:



Back in the benighted Days Before The Internet, you'd have to wait until someone had published something like this in an archeological magazine or did a 'history of culture [x]' book. I remember when Iron Curtain came down and some really incredible Soviet research flooded the bbs servers... Stuff on the Scythians, Tatars, and several other Great Horse Culture Migrations that were just dusty files and doctoral dissertations. But because they weren't Physics or related to the Soyuz program, nobody other than professional archeologists knew about them. At the time I was a medieval reenactor and we all went nuts over this stuff.

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Posted (edited)

Fascinating to see how it compares and contrasts with the other findings. They sure did love their serpents/snakes!

On the note of Yelm(alio), these really remind me of the first city and the four corners, you can even see little signs of Umath blowing around the untamed places!


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