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GM Help: Adventures in Fire Season

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So I’ve been running my party through a Clan/Tribe game in Torkani lands around 1615. Sea Season is over and next session is Fire Season, I’ve got the basic plan but interested in hearing any input.

I’m hoping to kick things off with the final initiation of the group, that of our assistant shaman. He’ll be initiating into the cult of Kolat that will also double as his his Shamanic interview. During his adulthood ordeal I borrowed the Telmori ghost plot from SSIS, and the location of the boy’s remains will be revealed during the full initiation.

My basic idea is that these remains are on another clans lands and in order to search the area my party must help the clan out and take out some predators troubling cattle (stealing the Cattle Raid adventure from the GM pack).

The ending of that adventure could certainly lead to follow up raids and other drama. (Also anything I can add to plunging into a ravine to find a corpse, make it more interesting than just a few rolls?)

I’m also considering having the Telmori raid later later in the season hunting for the corpse (maybe around the feast of Sartar for drama? Maybe they’ve been taking people to ransom?), and in order to stop a bloody counter-raid the party must find the pack and return the remains in time (I’m considering having a rival clan or even the Lunars behind the whole thing).

So that’s the skeleton but I’m wondering if there’s anything I can add? I very keen to include typical activities of Tribal life for the season; for instance I’ve read that young folk in Fire Season travel to the tribal centre for militia training. Could work that in somewhere!

For reference my party are the aforementioned Kolating, a Heler Priest, a Babs Gor Noble, an Orlanth Thunderous Farmer and a Humakti Heavy Infantry. More than happy with any suggestions, learning as I go 

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Well fire season is lazy time, agriculturally speaking, hence why it’s the ideal time for a cattle raid. In a game I played in the GM had the cattle taken onto land that was close to the starter kit scenario with the demonic Earth Demi god. They took some of the herders and killed some, so the criminals needed catching, and we chased them into the demigods tower. Just a way to stitch this scenario into your game.

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