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Babs Gor Enchant Copper

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From the Earth Goddesses book, page 53:

"Axe Maidens receive a complete suit of enchanted copper armor and a copper axe from their temple. Their enchanting ritual adds 1 extra armor point to their armor and an extra 5 hit points to a weapon."

How dies this interact with the normal enchanted armor from Gamemaster Adventures, page 121?  Is this some kind of "double secret enchantment" that adds additional HP?  If so, why the heck can't others, such as elves do this?  Does it cost an additional POW?

Specifically, if a PC wants to save weight by the "hammered very thin" copper armor, would the BG enchanted copper plate have 5 AP or 6 AP?


Aside: the copper armor rules are, in general, rife with potential minimaxing abuse by PCs.



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