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Finally got a chance to GM Legend!


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We decided to finally try out the Legend books I have had in my possession for a while now. Did read it through and I liked most of the stuff but had some dislikes. So far decided to stay the the BRP Book. But felt that now in the beginning of our new fantasy campaign we should take the opportunity to atleast try out the Legend system.

And must say we where very pleasantly suprised. Especially the combat system with strike ranks and combat actions appealed to players. Together with the combat maneuvers they felt it gave the combat a dimension they rarely felt in BRP. I was a bit against using Improvement Rolls at first being partial to the Experience Checks used in BRP but it did have advantages over the other. First is that I can affect the reward depending on the players behavior and role playing and some other minor things I hadn't thought about before. The players also liked not having to bother with marking skills and instead could focus on the game. Since the adventure I ran was for BRP I hadn't had the chance to change the stats to reflect the Legend ones. Especially calculating HPs for the locations and and such so decided to run with General Hit Points Option for the NPCs to help with converting on the fly.

The only thing we haven't tried yet is the Magic System since none of the players started with magic and I decided to not let everyone have access to Common Magic in my campaign world. But I know at least the Elf Hunter in the party is interesting in learning some magic so I guess it might come into play soon.

One thing was for sure we where so pleasantly surprised we will stick with Legend for our fantasy game. Now I just have to start writing material that I can share. ;t)

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