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Has anyone run the Dragonlance series?


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I ran DragonLance using RQ3 twice (not planned that way but one was with my university group and the other with my play group back home) and pretty much did a conversion on the fly. It wasn't that difficult. The main things I did at the time (back in the 80s when men were men and soft rock hair styles were soft and fluffy) were:

added Hero Points

Used a divine pool mechanic for Goldmoon's divine spells and let her treat the staff as a super shrine because she was, like, super.

Sorcery got dealt with in two different ways in the two different campaigns.

In one I simply translated the spells in Raistlin's book to a magic point equivalent and didn't bother with manipulation. You could do that with Classic Fantasy now.

In the other, the player had his own free form magic system that he wanted to use.

That was pretty much it. The rest I made up as we went along. This was before all the source books and such like came out so the world was a lot less complicated than it became later. One campaign felt like an action adventure while the other turned into a dark and twisted character study when they forgot to save the appointed one...

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