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Stupid Question--- What is Stormbringer?


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So I know Michael Moonrock is a sci-fi writer, but what exactly is Stormbringer? I've seen some used copies online for decent prices but I can't find a ton of good info on it. Is it a sci-fi setting, fantasy? It seems to also be out of print.

Thanks in advance!;D

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Wikipedia is your friend! ;D

The name Stormbringer is the name of the sword that the character Elric of Melniboné wields. You can find the basic information about the character, sword and the novels on below wiki pages.

Elric of Melniboné - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stormbringer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Michael Moonrock! :D I love it. Very appropriate. Sometimes he seems a bit of a moonrock. :)

Moorcock's most famous creation is a fellow who people call the anti-Conan. An inhuman albino sorcerer, Elric is the product of a decadent civilization. Where Conan relies on his wit and thews, Elric relies on the pacts of his ancestors and the whim of his moods. Conan is born of simple means, Elric is the 428th Emperor of Melnibone.

The Stormbringer book is a fantasy game based on the writings of Moorcock and Moorcock's concept of The Eternal Champion. Ken St.Andre was originally involved in book and the early Stormbringer editions reflect his mad, frantic and humorous vision. Then Chaosium streamlined the rules and published a book called 'Elric!' which was easily my favorite version of the rules. This took some of the extremes out of Stormbringer, in my opinion allowing for a game that supports high powered play that can be sustained long term. After that, Chaosium published a fifth edition of Stormbringer which relied on the Elric! version of the game rather than the early Stormbringer version.

I think everyone should try an early Stormbringer game. It is an insane amount of fun. Characters are quick to roll up, which is a good thing and character balance is non existent. Which is a fine thing because death waits at every turn and will take your devil lizard riding Pan Tangian cultist as soon as your primitive barbarian from Oin or your tongueless beggar from Nadsokor.


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I still use the Elric! rules in my campaign but I don't use Moorcock's Young Kingdoms (mine is in Leiber's world of Nehwon). It's an excellent set of rules in a slim volume. It's also out of print. But the good news is that Chaosium is reprinting the rules in the form of Magic World (shame about the name though) this year.

Chaot is right about the old edition of Stormbringer. It is great fun, random and deadly. I had a copy from Games Workshop (UK) with terrible binding that eventually fell apart.

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