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RQ6 vs Legend? RQ6 + Legend?


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I've been playing/running Mongoose' Legend since early spring.

Now that RQ6 is out, I'm contemplating getting a copy, but I guess I want to know in what way it will benefit my gaming group.

What sorts of improvements does it include?

What kinds of major changes to game mechanics are there?

What are the differences in the designs and contents and organization of the book itself?

How compatible will it be with my existing material?

How hard would it be to switch to RQ6 mid-campaign?

The cover looks pretty neat, and the reviews are sounding good, but its seemed that many of the good things I've read about the system equally apply to the last edition of the game.

So aside from the new snazzy cover, what are my motivations to 'upgrade', as it were?

I'm looking forward to hearing about the new features.

[As A side note, the tag system seems to be broken - These are the tags I tried to attach ("RuneQuest 6, Legend, RuneQuest, RuneQuest II, Compatibility, Upgrade"), it's telling me "You specified a tag that was too short. A tag must be at least 3 characters." Clearly I included no such tag.]

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If Legend was simply a reprint of the MRQ II rules with the Glorantha-related material removed, then RQ 6 is a revised and (much) expanded version of MRQ II. The rules ve been tweaked in many places based on feedback from players since the publication of MRQ II. In addition, there is a lot more space to describe the philosophy behind the design. Rules elements such as Combat Styles now get a few pages of description. In particular, there's an introductory chapter to the Magic section that really should have been in MRQ II. Also, the explanation of Spirit Magic is much improved. On top of this, there's a whole new magic system (mysticism) to play with that makes it possible to simulate a number of things that MRQ II / Legend don't do particularly well - such as wuxia action.

A few elements of MRQ II / Legend have been removed - notably the rules for Hero Points and Heroic Abilities.

The visual design and layout of the RQ 6 rulebook are superior to those of Legend, but this is a subjective thing and you do pay more for RQ 6 so it may not be a fair comparison. (Personally, I appreciate the fact that RQ 6 is mercifully free of the cheesecake art that appeared in some of the older Mongoose titles).

The two games are broadly compatible with very little conversion required to use material from one with the other - in most cases you can do conversion on the fly. I certainly intend to use my Legend books with RQ 6 and vice versa. Switching to RQ 6 mid-campaign, shouldn't be difficult, although it might be easier in some respects to run a hybrid game. One advantage of Legend is that it's released under the OGL, but this may only be relevant if you intend to publish your house rules.

In short, you really should pick up a copy of RQ 6 - it's obviously a labour of love from cover to cover. The quality of the writing really shines through on every page.

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Wow. That sounds quite good.

Small improvement tweaks in lots of places, and the process behind the rules is clarified? The fact that Hero Points are the big part of MRQII I disliked is another thing in favor of RQ6 for me.

I'm sold.

I think I will pick up a copy afterall. :)


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