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A NATION RANSOMED - And Other Basic Roleplaying Adventures


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a-nation-ransomed.jpgA Chinese nuclear submarine bearing a dozen missiles,each with a nuclear warhead, reported a major mechanical malfunction and would return to port. The ship is late. World governments receive a broadcast from the captain of the lost submarine, demanding that Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea surrender to the Peoples Republic of China by midnight — to be absorbed into that great nation. If they refuse, a random city in those countries will be destroyed each hour thereafter. Civil panic has overwhelmed the government’s ability to deal with this terrorist threat. This is a modern-day military adventure for Basic Roleplaying, one of the winners of the second BRP Adventure Contest.

By Kevin Scrivner, Steve Devaney, C.S. Barnhart and R.J. Christensen. 64 pages. Published by Chaosium August 2012.

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