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Outpost 19: More Please!


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This is really a shout-out to Nick Middleton, author of the BRP monograph "Outpost 19". What a great piece of work - scratches my itch for non-Traveller SF.

The sketch of the background, the Gate Wardens Universe, has whetted my appetite. So - will we ever get to see more of it?

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I'm holding out for Outpost 21: Prohibition Gates :) I always liked the FutureWorld setting from Worlds of Wonder, and what Nick did with it was interesting. A full supplement would be nice, or maybe Nick could add some articles to a future issue of Uncounted Worlds?

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I have "aspirations" to return to the Gate Warden setting - but real life issue (and not just the big dramatic stuff but tedious trivial stuff like a horribly busy day job!) have eaten my spare time in the last few years: circa 2009 I was in thee regular game groups (two fortnightly and one bi-weekly one) but these days it's effectively one and I've only just started running something again this year (BRP SF funnily enough, but not GW).

We'll see - I started noodling away at a possible sequel a few years ago, but we'll have to see if I can get the time to return to it, and entice my regular group to help me play test again.



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I can certainly understand the day job point - add two young children in my case. Which is why I increasingly like other people to write my settings for me these days!

Here's hoping you get round to it one day. In the meantime, I recommend Outpost 19 wholeheartedly to any SF types looking for some variety away from the Traveller default.

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