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Opposed Rolls and Success Levels

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Well, it seemed a good idea at the time.

Perhaps if I added a tap-dancing extravaganza at the bridge ...

Does this mean you'll be writing up (Ethel) Merman stats in the "Nuild a Better Monster" thread=O=O

I wonder what the SAN loss will be!=|

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I posted a few proposed verses for Cthulhu: The Musical a few years back but unfortunately the response was underwhelming. But why else would the rules include things such as Perform (Singing) if they weren't meant to be used? If Buffy the Vampire Slayer rates a musical, why not our tireless Mythos investigators?

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The title has possibilities, though. Imagine a Mythos-haunted shopping emporium. A vast modern complex, not easy to leave (even without supernatural interference), where there's just something not right about many of the shops or the personnel running them. And there are always those delightful sub-basements and back passages in malls for the utilities and delivery of freight. If you wanted to recruit cultists, fund your international occult research, or simply gather mass sacrifices, controlling a popular and financially successful mall could be useful.

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I know, that is why is was a real possibility for a contest submission a couple years ago. I even did up a mock cover. So many things take on a sister tone with applied in a Chtulhu R'yleth setting. Just imagine what you might find at the food court, or what Victoria's Secret really is.

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