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Tentative House Rules for Deluxe

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The core book encourages us to warp the rules to our satisfaction, so I thought I'd throw out some stuff I've been mulling over, followed by explanations. My BRP pedigree is recent so I have few sacred cows.


Abilities: 3d6, treating 1's as 2's, arranged to taste. SIZ can be increased with improvement points.

Rationale: A modest bump. I'm also not keen on 2d6 + 6 abilities, they seems more of a legacy mechanic than anything and aren't reflected by NPC stats presented. Plus, people can and do gain mass, something I'm continually reminded of as I grow older.

Damage Bonus: Add Strength and Size. For every full ten points gain 1 point of damage bonus.

Rationale: Faster, more brutal combats on the human scale. Larger creatures are less instantaneously lethal.

Free skill points: Choose 12 skills and add 20 to each.

Rationale: Speeds up character generation and encourages more rounded PCs.

Connections add 5% to a non-combat skill. No skill may benefit twice from a connection.

Rationale: Softens min/maxing tendencies further.

Hero Points may be used to flip percentile results or reduce the damage of a successful attack to it's minumum rolled amount. Hero Points refresh per game day or per session, whichever comes first.

Rationale: Ameliorates combat lethality on the players' side. Makes each point spent count.


Charge or Great Attack: +20% to hit, double damage bonus, lose reaction. Great attack is available to two-handed wielders only.

Rationale: Changed to incorporate damage bonus changes, unified for simplicity.

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