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Cult Compendium + d100 rule-set = Easy d100 Old-school Glorantha?

Galahad de Corbenic

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I discovered something while leafing through my copy of Cult Compendium: It contains nearly every word from the “Rune Magic” chapter of the second edition RuneQuest rulebook, including the descriptions of how Rune Cults work, the basic 25 Rune magic spells, and the piece on elementals.

I’m pretty sure those rules could be plugged into just about any d100 rule-set. Add one or more of the other Gloranthan Classics, and I think one could easily play an old-school Gloranthan game using a d100 rule-set, without paying a premium for out-of-print stuff.

Just a thought for Glorantha newbies like myself.

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Yes, the Cult Compendium is a merging of Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, the cult formats/descriptions from RQ2 and a few cults from other books.

Combined with Gods of Glorantha, it contains many of the most useful cults for most Gloranthan roleplaying.

I would recommend all of the Gloranthan Classics for anyone wanting to get into Glorantha.

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