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OpenQuest 2 Dec update


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OK progress has slowed somewhat due to Real Life™ pressures, but I still thought I’d share with you how far we’ve got since November’s update.

Here be Dragons Cover

Jon Hodgson has come up with the goods here, with a cover that sums up nicely the Ray Harryhausen meets Weird Fantasy vibe of the setting.

Here Be Dragons cover, by Jon Hodgson


Divine Magic

This has been my focus lately, since as a fantasy game OQ stands and falls on the quality of its magic rules.

  • 40 new spells have been written up so far.
  • Updated guidelines on how Divine Magic users regain their spells.
  • Otherworld Questing guidelines. Not HeroQuesting from Glorantha, but some simple straight forward guidelines of how characters travel to the Halls of the Gods, how they adventure there and return!
  • Generic cults. If you are familiar with RuneQuest 3, there was a listing of Generic Cults (Sky God, War God, Earth Goddess etc.) that you could use straight out of the box or as the basis of your own creations. This is what I’ve created here.

Mass Combat rules/guidelines

OpenQuest is a roleplaying game not a War Game, so first and foremost there will be some guidelines on how to put your player characters in the heart of any battle. If you do need some rules to resolve battles with a single dice roll, Dr Mitch (co-author of Here Be Dragons ) has come to the rescue here.


Very basic so far, but over the holidays I’ll be adding more content. I’m also lining up subscriber only content, so if you backed the pre-order you’ll be getting a sneak peak of some upcoming OQ2 and OQ Powered releases in early Jan ;)


I’m looking to be content complete by the very end of the holidays, with a very quick proof read shortly afterwards. Since I’ve already got the art and layout templates ready, I’m quite confident that I’ll have a pdf version with you by mid January 2013 of the core rule book.

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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