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Modern RQ6 and cultures


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Ok, this is the deal; i want to run a MODERN rq6 campaign; players will be normal modern people, and there will be sorcery/shamanism-y stuffs (think unknown armies at street level).

the game is super gritty, and fits the genre better than my other go-to system (oddly enough, im running glorantha with savage worlds).

What i'm missing is "cultures". Since pretty much everyone will be from the same culture (doh!) i'm thinking maybe use "social class" as culture, since a low class member of society probably has a completely different skillset than a middle (i.e: no driving!) or upper class! So, maybe those 3 "cultures" is the way to go.

Also, im ditching starting money for a wealth rating (seriously, its easier to figure what you can and can't have according to your profession).

I may also need new/revised professions (crap, this will be a TON of work, maybe rip off the BGB?) and updated skills (literacy needs tweaking, computers, and a few skill renaming here and there).

Any ideas on where i can start stealing errr... getting inspirational material?

I would TOTALLY buy a modern RQ6 sourcebook!

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Guest Vile Traveller

I may also need new/revised professions (crap, this will be a TON of work, maybe rip off the BGB?)

My first thoughts would be to look at the BGB professions and see if they can reasonably be ordered into your 3 cultures. On the other hand, I'm not sure that a game set in one country (assuming you're using alternate Earth as a setting) or even one city in one country actually needs different cultures. That could all be modelled by profession and wealth, I would think.

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Cthulhu Now (at least the German edition, I do not know the English one) has many modern

professions and the related modern skills. As for cultures, I think this would mostly be a mat-

ter of "fluff" instead of game mechanics. I am working with colleagues from Ghana, Korea and

Russia, and while they are certainly different from my German colleagues, I could not model

these differences in game mechanics without creating silly stereotypes, I could only express

them in the narrative material.

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I was thinking along similar lines (and posted as much on G+ RQ group) that it would make a great base upon which to play Shadowrun.

No need for multiple cultures, as social classes are already built in. I'd make everyone civilized and go from there honestly. Gives some baseline "Everyman" skills.

Professions is definitely where the heavy lifting comes in but given The relatively limited Number of skills to choose from it ought not be too difficult or time consuming.

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I don't see it as strictly necessary to have most of the "culture" stuff there. You do need to have something in terms of background social class for the money and such, but in terms of the initial step of character generation, you could just let people pick ten standard skills and three professional skills and move on, and I doubt it'd break anything.

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