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Horizon’s Daughters: The Last Echoes of Paradise

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For anyone that might be interested, I've just posted a two-chapter preview of a monograph I've been working on in the Downloads section (under the Modern category). Here's the blurb:

Welcome to Majinine, a multi-planar RPG setting for Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying that crosses genres and presents numerous possibilities. Full high-fantasy campaigns involving eldritch citadels, and phantasmical, fey beings are just as appropriate here, as gritty inner city occult horror narratives, set to the backdrop of a 1970s where hippy sorcerers conjure forgotten gods and reality crumbles, literally falling back into the ideas from which it came. Trapped between are conjurers that spin arcane magic with rudimentary technology in hope of making clockwork wonders that may someday peer past the boundaries of existence.

Posted here is a preview of a monograph I've been working on for years. My intent has been to create a consistent and cohesive, multi-planar setting that takes advantage of BRPs generic possibilities, allowing for rich dimension-hopping campaigns. These two chapters cover a broad overview of each of the planes in the Multiverse of Ve’lehsfar, as well as character generation guidelines for Majinine campaigns.


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Wow! I wasn't expecting such good production standards, and I really love the flavour of the setting, it reminds me of pulp sword n sorcery novella from the late 70s. This is an interesting find, and certainly one to watch out for further developments. Good work!

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