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Magic World arrived and is now shipping.

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I wonder when it will be listed on Amazon.com, as the postage costs of buying international directly from Chaosium are certainly a killer for me

The book price $38.95 USD + postage $44 USD, just makes the hard copy not a viable purchase for me...

I'll certainly grab a print copy once I can get it for a reasonable price!

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My FLGS (in the states) indicated they expect to have my copy in by March 31st or sometime in the first week of April, so maybe that's the time it takes to move through distribution channels. Not sure if Amazon would be included in that release estimate. I don't even see a placeholder entry for it over there (yet).

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Picked up a copy at my FLGS...

When I first started ordering books,they only had the one copy of call of cthulu stuck on a back shelf with the other low volume stock.

Seems they now carry the BGB in quantity, as well as CoC and various supplements. The games have a shelf 8 books wide in prominent placement with the warhammer 40k and shadowrun lines. (warhammer minis are huge at this store so the placement matters)

Just wish Magic World was bits and mortar so I could get the PDF at a more reasonable cost.

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