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I'm curious about BRP


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Well, to be honest, part of the reason I haven't investigated the game is that I've never read much Lovecraft, and I didn't want to spoil the reading. Lovecraft is one of those writers I've always meant to get around to. I'm actually in the process of reading his entire oeuvre from beginning to end right now, however, so that problem will soon be remedied. ;)

I cannot say that I have read everything of Lovecraft, but he is definitely my among my favorites concerning horror. But I personally play CoC quite different from lovecrafts stories. With that I do not talk about the setting, but about the survival of the players. While Lovecrafts stories almost always end tragically for his heroes, I like my players to survive (though some of them die trying:7). I have played modern and clasic era (well, mostly classic era) and would love to try the 1880s. What I like most (and now I am speaking as a GM with not as much spare time as I would like to have) about the setting are the multitude of well developed adventures. We spend quite a lot of sessions with purely detective style playing and very few needs forv rules. I can thus only recommend it...

About Ravenloft: I cannot say much about the developed setting, but I very well remember playing the original Castle Ravenloft adventure - definitely one of the coolest Vampire Castle dungeon crawl I have eyperienced in my roleplaying time (well, there was also Temple of Elemental Evil). That was good old AD&Ding then (and one of the first question in the first Ravenloft session was about the recommended player level, which I think was 6-8th level of experience: "Is that BEFORE or AFTER the adventure??"). Neverheless we lost the fight against Strahd, and managed to escape (thanks to a mistake of our GM, who simply forgot that there was no easy escape...:P

“What part soever you take upon you, play that as well as you can and make the best of it.”

― Thomas More

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The biggest difference in the easy scale between BRP and SW, is that NPC's takes a bit longer to make (Unless the SW critters have a lot of edges and hindrnaces, then BRP is faster).

Depends on how you do it, honestly. If you're talking about a main villain for a whole campaign, I might never bother to get around to statting him out (other than noting a few details of what sort of influence he has over things). If it's non-important NPCs for a given scenario, I usually just note something like this:

Physical Stats (STR, DEX, CON): 10

Mental Stats (INT, POW): 16

APP: 12

Skills: Anything related to Botany: 65%, Other Natural Sciences: 50%, Combat (brawling): 35%, d6.

I don't sweat the details. It doesn't break anything, and nobody ever knows the difference. Also, I'm lazy, so I prefer to spend more time working on the bits of the game that the players actually experience: plot, mood, and tone.

Please don't contact me with Chaosium questions. I'm no longer associated with the company, and have no idea what the new management is doing.

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So, in my humble opinion, attributes have a high influence at the beginning. Between two neophytes or amateur, they will make a lot of difference. But once both of them will become expert, it will be hard to know what makes them so good: talents or training? Mozart and Einstein were certainly incredibly talented, but they also spent an incredible amount of time practicing their skill.

For what it's worth, in Magic World, attributes not only deliver a skill category modifier to skills, but influence your ability to raise your skill level once you've hit 100%. In BRP/ELric!, it used to be that when you got over 100% in a skill, you had to roll under INT to raise it further. Now, the attribute that offers the skill modifer to that skill's category is used instead.

So, to raise the Ride skill past 100%, means you've got to roll under STR. Pick Locks you have to roll under DEX. Orate, under APP, etc.

Please don't contact me with Chaosium questions. I'm no longer associated with the company, and have no idea what the new management is doing.

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Neverheless we lost the fight against Strahd ...

Where is Peter Cushing now that we need him???? X(

Sadly, I have yet to run a BRP-based game. :( I managed to run one session of my proposed Narnia game using Mini Six. It was about as much system as my wife and kids could handle. My kids have drawn up prospective characters for BRP Eternal Rome (old fan-made game) and Call of Cthulhu but we haven't gotten to try it out. I tried statting up my wife's centaur shield maiden character in BRP, Hero System and Mini Six but the crunchier systems were just too much for her (non-gamer).

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