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RuneQuest Archives: Announcement


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RuneQuest Archives: Important Announcement

Since January 2012, The Design Mechanism has made available fifteen PDF titles (RQ Archives), originally published by Mongoose Publishing, on DrivethruRPG and its affiliated sites. Most of these titles concern Glorantha; all of them have been made available at just $1.00 apiece.

From 1st May the RQ Archives will be significantly reduced. A number of titles will no longer be available, although several books will continue to be supported: these are listed below.

Dara Happa Stirs



Pavis Rises

RuneQuest Empires

RuneQuest Vikings

RuneQuest Land of the Samurai

Price of Honour

These titles will still be for sale at the great price of just $1.00.

The reason for trimming the archive is simply one of Gloranthan canon. As many of you may be aware, Moon Design Publications will shortly be publishing ‘The Guide to Glorantha’. This huge tome will be the definitive work on Gloranthan history, geography, myth, culture and adventure. It was felt that, with the Guide’s release, existing material still available should be reviewed. The RQ Archive titles we are ceasing are those that deviate most from the canon, or have been rendered obsolete by new information available in the Guide. Rather than continue to have contradictory titles on sale, Design Mechanism has agreed to cease support for certain works, but continue to keep available the titles listed above.

So, you have a few days to take advantage of the full RQ Archives range, including the Glorantha Bundle, before some of these titles disappear. We’d like to thank everyone who has bought PDFs from the RQ Archives and hope you’ve enjoyed them.

The Design Mechanism will be continuing support for Glorantha with RuneQuest 6, and 2014 will see our plans for the RQ: Adventures in Glorantha line take solid shape and realization.

Thank you once again.

The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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