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Composite HG Wells

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Here's an idea for a book, something I know you guys may want to get your teeth into:

1: As of The Land Ironclads, armoured war machines largely impervious to artillery fire with guns designed for remote operation from the interior to protect the gunners.

2: Armoured tripods armed with chemical weapons and a Heat Ray capable of boiling the heavily armoured steel of a naval warship instantly (The War of the Worlds)

3: A huge gun capable of firing projectiles over interplanetary distances without liquefying life forms on board. (TWoTW)

4: Advanced tele-operated construction machinery. (TWotW)

5: A flying machine capable of vertical takeoff and landing as well as high aerial velocities, also armed with a Heat Ray and biological weaponry. (TWotW, we don't have much idea of its actual capabilities but it was observed at least once)

6: A drug capable of granting regular humans bullet-time movement ability safely for long periods of subjective time. The acceleration effect is great enough that walking at a normal pace while under the drug's effects induces friction burns with the air if you're not careful- a running speed of "two or three miles a second" is mentioned. (The New Accelerator)

7: A treatment capable of rendering human beings completely transparent in atmosphere (which can be calibrated to focus the effect in any specific range of EM frequencies). (The Invisible Man)

8: A material that can block the effect of gravity as if it were a form of radiation. (The First Men in the Moon)

9: Time travel. (The Time Machine).

10: Advanced hybridisation and intelligence-induction technology through surgical techniques. (The Island of Doctor Moreau)

11: Aerial/orbital reconnaissance via astral projection through inducing near-death experiences. (Under the Knife)

12: The ability to transfer human souls/personalities from one person to another. (The Story of the Late Mr Elvesham)

13: An entire second intelligent civilisation living deep in the ocean. (In The Abyss)

14: Handheld crystal devices that enable people to observe things at a long distance. (The Crystal Egg)

15: In The Star, while a good half to two thirds of the human population of the Earth is wiped out, it is implied that in future years some communication-possibly even collaboration- takes place between the advanced society of Mars and that of Earth, since a human-voice historian talks of notes written by a Martian astronomer.

16: In The First Men in the Moon, also, there is an extensive and highly-developed civilisation living in caves under the surface of the Moon.

17: Occasional humans in H.G. Wells's worlds are empowered to work miracles on a near-deity level: In The Man Who Could Work Miracles no upper limit is seen, though the main character does at one stage successfully tell the entire world to simply stop dead: It ceases in its orbital track and immediately stops spinning, which throws everyone and everything on the surface of the planet sideways through its own momentum- the main character is unharmed by this process.

18: Parallel dimensions accessible via a variety of means. (The Plattner Story, A Dream of Armageddon)

19: Advanced terrestrial aerial warfare (albeit a little odd in some depictions, with some degree of ramming involved as a matter of course). (A Dream of Armageddon, The War in the Air)

20: An elixir that has the basic effect of anti-gravity on the human body. (The Truth About Pyecraft)

21: Intelligent and aggressive insect civilisations. (The Empire of the Ants)

22: Demons that take places in normal society. (The Wild Asses of the Devil)

23: Continuous-blast "nuclear" weapons. (The World Set Free)

Or you could have a go at this instead: http://quantumbranching.deviantart.com/art/DOYLE-FANTASTIC-364219158?q=gallery%3Aquantumbranching%2F23509827&qo=5

Just a few ideas for you.

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A great list - thank you for posting it :)

A couple of them crop up in Pirates & Dragons...what with the Insect People and Storm Circle Sea...

Sorry for not being on to respond to this......glad you likey :)

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