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A Summer of Renaissance

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Now that it appears that summer might at last be here (for some of us at least!) what better than a nice cooling adventure? The Depths of Winter is a new historical military adventure for Renaissance Deluxe, which takes the Adventurers to the French and Indian wars and a daring raid on a French fort in the depths of winter...


And if you fancy a whole summer of Renaissance D100 gaming (and probably well into next winter too!) take a look at our Renaissance D100 Complete Bundle - everything for the Renaissance system for only $85 instead of the usual $127.45! In it you'll find:

for CLOCKWORK & CHIVALRY (Fantasy roleplaying in an a clockpunk 17th century England)

Clockwork & Chivalry 2nd Edition Core Rulebook

Kindom & Commonwealth Omnibus I

Kingdom & Commonwealth Omnubus II

Clockwork & Cthulhu

The Alchemist's Wife (Clockwork & Chivalry Novel)


Renaissance Deluxe Core Rulebook

Dark Streets (Cthulhu Roleplaying in 18th Century London)

Plus all the FLINTLOCK & STEEL adventures for Renaissance Deluxe

#1 The Mystery of Shirdley Hall (Clockwork & Cthulhu)

#2 Hellfire (Dark Streets)

#3 The Wolves of the Coast (Medieval Ireland with a Robert E. Howard feel)

#4 The Isle of the Stone (a sequel to The Wolves of the Coast)

#5 The Depths of Winter (French and Indian wars)

Renaissance D100 Complete [bUNDLE] - Cakebread & Walton | DriveThruRPG.com

And look out for Pirates & Dragons, a new swashbuckling game of fantasy adventure, coming soon to a Kickstarter near you!

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