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1799 Renaissance game IN THE USN- patroling the gulf of Mexico capt Log

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Game log 9/22/13 Sunday 9:16 pm Willis Va

Game master Christopher Lee House

Renaissance openquest d100

Location port of new Orleans November 24th Monday

USS Contaleny <fictitious name Vessel> 7th commissioned by The First Sec of the United states Navy Benjamin Stoddert, disembarked from the port of new Orleans with full Crew Capt Willem” Bill” Prince

Gulf patrol for the coast of the United states of America, into the Gulf of Mexico.

Nov 31 1799: It is fine weather , with strong breeze from the west , we are heading to the Keys , on sick call is Hommer Fitzmauris age 14 with a splitter that gone putrid, Dyke Ecchlin with vomiting of blood and other vial torments. when the Crewmen Twisdin Stritch spotted an un- marked Ship, heading south. We are going to try to hail her and see the make of her Crew and Captain.

The young crew man William Butler hosted the Colors.

The helms men Christopher Holms set the ship near the drink and lose all speed as the un-mark ship gets away under I am sure near 14 knots. I well reprimand the helmsmen later.

The Crew is left to tend the wash and swab. And I well continue to look out for the un-marked ship.

It has been brought to my attention that some members of the Crew have brought aboard some homebrew swell, so I have reduced rum rations till the swell is turned in to the ships Churgeon Deboise.

Seven days later a

Dec 7th brief storm crosses our path three men are injured, storm duration five hours

Four bottle of homebrew where turned into the doctor, tomorrow I well return the rations to standard cup and throw the bottle overboard!

Dec 9th encountered an adult sea serpent , it eat poor Crewmen Drake Cantston age 16, crew repelled serpent while Crewmen W. Butler shot it in the Eye with issued Carbine rifle.

I awarded W. Butler extra rum ration tonight for his markmenship.

<ship stats>

The Brigantine was a type of ship used in large numbers, both as a Merchant vessel and as a Naval Ship. It carried 16 guns and was rigged for speed, having both Top gallant sails and royals.

These ships were used by Navies of the World for scouting and reconnaissance duties. They were used to track down ships of an enemy. Many of the Brigs of the late 18th century could carry sweeps for maneuvering in still weather. In 1814 the British Navy had 71 brigs of various types carrying 10 to 16 guns.

Length 110 ft.

Beam 28 ft.

Depth 16 ft.

Crew 100 to 120

Mov : 12+

hp: 33

Cannon 4D8 80m 10 mins 8 40 4 x16

crew 124 men and women

<see crew rooster?

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the roster of the USS Contaleny

1. Calfe Stephens -16

2. Calthrop Cane -18

3. Cannon Tankard-20

4. Drake Cantston -16-Male-Dead ate by sea serpent Dec 9th

5. Carew Emerson-17

6. Temple Cantwell-15

7. Cantwright Tremmet-14

8. Trevor Troth-20

9. Trusteen Carleton-22

10. Dowden Chambers -25

11. Calvert Doyne-28

12. Dracot Fanning -17

13. Drury Taylor-28

14. Dryland Stephenson-30

15. Telling Driscoll -33

16. Drumgold Tench22

17. Duffe Tent -24

18. Duglas Tepsheth-25

19. Dun Thirold -22

20. Elizabeth Dukenfeild-22- Female

21. Dullany Thelwal19

22. Dungan Durham*19

23. Dyke Ecchlin-18

24. Edkins Finglas-20

25. Carney Edmunston-17

26. Chaloner Chamberlen-22

27. Eustace Faning -23

28. Fox Thompson-12

29. Mary Fanshaw-13- Female

30. Farnham Strongbow-15

31. Daniel Farrell -21

32. Authur Fawether-20

33. Lester Fawnt -22

34. Faye Backet-23- Female

35. Tallant Feasant-24

36. Cecill Field -24

37. Tat Fisher -16

38. Fagan Sterling -17

39. Tyndall Fitzgerald-18

40. Calvin Fitzharis -16

41. Bret Fitzherbert -29

42. Kevin Fitzjames -33

43. Thomas Fitzjohn-21

44. CaRRie Fitzleons-12-Female

45. Hommer Fitzmauris-14

46. Geton Fitzpatrick-16

47. Troy Francks -15

48. Gerrard Franke -23

49. Steward St. George-23

50. John Twist-24

51. Lawrence Stockdall-18

52. Hannah Stofford-19-Female

53. Stopfer Stoughton-30

54. Paul Stowell-21

55. Talmarch Strangwick-22

56. Twisdin Stritch -23

57. Tyrrell Fitton-24

58. Tylling Strong-19

59. John Strowd-30

60. Stuart Tylesby-33

61. Carroll Carpenter-18

62. Carrie Taffe-22-Female

63. Evers Tuit -23

64. Tully Fenton+-21

65. Turk Fielding-22

66. Fennell Fletcher -44

67. Michael Flood -48

68. Nigel Flower-15

69. Oscar Foliot-16

70. Peter Folliot-44

71. Quency Forbes-33

72. Roger Ford -19

73. Steven Forlong-25

74. Forrest Stern-22

75. Cassy Ferrall -25

76. Caryll Strowde-14

77. Cassie Fish -14-Female

78. Casshin Fernley-16

79. Cateline Eccleston-20-Female

80. Edgworth Cattlelin-22

81. Cavanan Tailor -23

82. Tailour Caulfeild-43

83. CaryTalbot-25

84. Thomas Edwards-25

85. Tink Fitzsimons-24

86. Tirrell Fitzsums -19

87. Sybil Fitzsymons-18-Female

88. Tiffin Flatsbury -18

89. Fleming Thornton-20

90. Foster Tobin-20

91. Fowell Tirry -22

92. Egan Forster-29

93. Fowler Tichborne-19

94. Elliot Townley-17

95. Esmond Toleer -18

96. Topham Ellyot -21

97. Toto Tonwly -23

98. –Seth Touthet-20

99. Fairfax Towers-24

100. Travers Evens-25

101. Luke Everard -23

102. Ethel Toxtell-31

103. Cavanagh Tucket-33

104. Caption William prince

105. 1st M : Lt Cmr Kelly Masterson

106. Second Officer Lt Daniel Gerend

107. Chief Petty officer Mike Gerend

108. helmsmen Christopher Holmes

109. William Butler

110. Tommy keth

111. Richard Donohue

112. Phillip Gates

113. Micheal Flughellon

114. Roger Tuffins

115. John Roberson

116. John Gates,

117. John Belington,

118. John millerson

119. Lium Mc Masters

120. Lloyd Yates

121. Arthur Cairns

122. Chirurgeon Clair Deboise

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Well in the world of 1799 in alternate world as it where, black plague, way back took out most males , so the need for labor pool and due issue of the church and Joan of Arc Winning against the English , the pope <french> declare Women to be equal among men, (to save Joan from social and political issue) this started the equal rights movement as it where early with legal rights followed so as to own land instead of male hair, because of Elizabethan Laws and issues to change her own Hersey as it where.

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well with my Daughter off to The far north and my son off to visit family in the far south , it leave me with out the group as it where- so there well be a month interruption till we came again. but as it where I got the links form the internet for ranks and information for the information for the game, it might be a cool for some day for some one to do a wars at sea book for brp. because it the lease game ed are in most games, but sense the Movies going with the pirates of the . . . . . series then you can see their are interest. there was more thing to worries then Pirates- with storms, sea serpents and other countries privateers.

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Looks seriously cool! Looking forward to the next Log entry :)

I picked this up a while back - http://www.ospreypublishing.com/store/American-Heavy-Frigates-1794%E2%80%931826_9781841766300

Osprey have lots and lots of interesting-looking stuff. Problem is, there's so much of it...

I'm planning on picking up Renaissance Deluxe and I'm backing the Pirates & Dragons KS. Between these two books, how much "ships stuff" is in there?

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In Renaissance Deluxe there are compact, abstract rules for ship combat and sea travel (2 pages of rules, and a few other passing references), but there isn't close detail on the various ship types, etc. Pirates & Dragons will contain a lot more information and "ships stuff" :)

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