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Glorantha in own thread/forum or just where it pops up?


What to do about Glorantha?  

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  1. 1. What to do about Glorantha?

    • Glorantha needs its own forum! It's a classic BRP setting!
    • An own Glorantha thread will do, maybe later separate forums for all the major settings.
    • Just let it pop up in the discussion here & there. No need to separate BRP & its setting yet.
    • Where the heck is the option I want to vote for?

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I like Glorantha for the most part, but not everything as time went by. I definitely did not having things "Gregged" on me. But as far as BRP goes, considering Glrorantha Hero wars has a hold on the 3rd age and Mongoose on the second I dont think we going to see much Glorantha stuff for BRP so only people that are really going to be running Glorantha stuff are Fossils like myself and we going to be doing it our way anyway.

I have started a 3rd age campaign in my own version of Glorantha but I like the fact most my players have no access to most of the stuff and have to take my word on how Glorantha works

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I say keep all settings in the Worlds of Wonder forum.

Just get the posters to put [Glorantha], [CoC], [DeadWorld], [Rome], etc. in their thread titles.

That way those not interested can not bother reading those threads and those interested can.

Also it allows everybody to see the different settings BRP and D100 can handle.

This idea I like quite a lot! It keeps administration of the site minimized, and allows people to mark their own content with tags they hope will attract attention...

Emerging from my Dark Age...

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