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OQ2, Far Future


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Holders of the sacred chalice of the OQ2 PDF, I wonder if you can tell me if it expands beyond the quasi-medieval swords-&-sorcery stuff to encompass other genres and eras. I understand River of Heaven will run under OQ2, as may a Cthulhu port. I wonder if the core rulebook lays that out any of that, and establishes mechanics for roleplaying in a more modern or futuristic setting. If so, I will buy, I will buy, I can’t wait to buy.


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I'm not sure if RoH requires a copy of OQ2 to play or if it's self contained. The Cthulhu Rising monograph that was John Ossoway's previous space game used BRP but didn't require the BGB to play it.

If you're lucky Newt will stop by to let you know if RoH requires OQ2 to play.

AFAIK the OQ2 book is just a fantasy rule set. It's pretty but I haven't read through it yet.


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Thanks for the information! I broke down and bought The Company because I wanted to see how the OQ system handles modern weapons and, particularly, autofire.

I have to say, I’m liking it: Simple to the point of being blunt. Never cared much for the way BRP handles autofire—a bit fiddly, IMO.

My assumption has been that, in modern settings, once the firearms come out crunch doesn’t really matter much. Combat is mostly diving for cover or bloody ripping carnage, not much middle ground. Keeping it simple reinforces this.

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