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Looking For GM to Run a Berserk(-inspired) RQ6 Game


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I apologize if this isn't the right board, but I didn't see any dedicated to game/player/GMfinding.

Contact: #RQBerserk on irc.rizon.net . Infact it's preferable you contact us this way over posting in the thread, since I may miss a post.

Play Method: We"ll likely go with just IRC, but Maptool for combat or even FG2 works.

Game/System: Runequest 6

Player/GM: Player

Time: To be decided, but we can't run in the nights (from US time) because at least one player is British. Probably on Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Genre: 14th-15th century Totally-Not-European Dark Fantasy

Current Needs: A GM. Players are also welcome because of scheduling and the fact that new groups always have people who flake or have to drop.

Accept Drop-In Players: No

Accept Spectators: Probably. I can't see any of the people already in it caring one way or the other.

Description: A Berserk or Berserk-inspired game. Ideally, I'd like it if we went from something like Pre-Eclipse (essentially very little/no supernatural stuff, practically a historical setting where we all start low-powered) to the Eclipse (demons/apostles popping up) to Post-Eclipse (other fantastical things showing up). Definitely should maintain some grittiness/lethality throughout the campaign even as we get stronger.

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