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Nausicaä de la vallée du vent [風の谷のナウシカ, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind] for BRP


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The critter and airplane stats could be useful even if you don't speak French. Unfortunately, the rest I'll have to run through Babelfish to understand.

On the other hand, the downloadable BASIC character sheet might make things a little easier, since you can compare it to the English BRP version. Ironically, the site features illustrations from the English language manga, so I can read the dialogue.

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The critter and airplane stats could be useful even if you don't speak French.

By the way, I think the stats of Call of Cthulhu critters could be easily and appropriately used for the insects of the toxic jungle (for example those of dholes for the unstatted ohmu). As someone wrote in a thread at rpg.net, the insects really are on the same level of dangerousness of cthulhoid entities. However, there is a difference that imho can make roleplaying in Nausicaa's (and in general in Miyazaki) world very interesting: that is, that is possible (to characters with exceptional social skills, psychic abilities and possibly a high enough allegiance to Nature/Harmony) to establish a contact and to communicate with them. Also, the toxic jungle would make a wonderfully exotic and extremely deadly environment for adventures.

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allegiance to Nature/Harmony

Allegiance* might be key to making a Nausicaa (and in general Miyazakian) rpg: the allegiance to Life/Nature/Harmony of characters like Nausicaa would increase when they heal other beings, soothe their pain, and save or spare their lives. The allegiance would in turn make them able to commune with powerful and untamed beings like the insects of the toxic jungle.

* Or else, a single "Harmony" stat, analogous to Sanity, that determines what are the beings you can communicate/commune with. With Harmony 0 you're completely isolated.

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It's fairly easy to read, especially creature stats:

For = STR

Con = CON

Tai = SIZ

Int = INT

Pou = POW

Dex = DEX

Points de vie = Hit Points

Armure naturelle: Natural Armour

Mouvement = Movement

Compétences = Skills

All the rest can be translated online, if you prefer.

It's a bit light on cults, backgrounds and professions, but it is based on BASIC which is also light on those things. BASIC allows you to roll up characters very easily and play them using a very simple D100 system. I prefer something like Legend, myself, as it has a bit more to it, but you could use this #really easily to play in the setting.

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