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Cross-System/-Setting Spell Importation


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I would probably like to mx and match spell lists from some of these games - in particular Call of Cthulu, Stormbringer, Classic Fantasy and RuneQuest - for my own game. They all operate on the same mechanical principles, except Demon Binding in Stormbringer (which is very powerful, and requires some though on how to balance its cost as a player option), but I wonder how the spell point to power level ratio might vary based on the game's assumptions of magic level and sorcery.

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Yup. I use Classic Fantasy spells in my Magic World game of Ravenloft right along side of the sorcery system. Actually, I have psychic powers in there too. I find it all works very nicely together.

As you said, Demon Summoning is a game changer. I think it's too heavily weighted towards making insanely powerful items and so I try and adjust it so that binding demons as themselves is a more attractive proposition.

Spells in CoC vary widely. Sometimes they are extremely specific and sometimes they have wide sweeping powers. You also have to decide what you are going to do with the Sanity check if your default setting does not use it. What I would do is adapt them to the Sorcery system, using current sorcery spells as a guideline of what's appropriate. The Sorcery spells are actually priced very well and are consistent.


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Thanks for the reply. As for Sanity, I will instead be using an as-yet unnamed statistic that corresponds more to 'how much Chaos is in your system'. As RuneQuest Chaos, CoC and games that have 'corruption', knowledgeable characters will be able to draw on it for some pretty impressive advantages, but at the cost of becoming unnatural and unstable (both physically and mentally). Not exactly evil or insane, but if you reach the poi t in CoC where you become insane, in this you will become some kind of inhuman chaos angel and no longer be a character with coherent motives. One of the balancing factors for the all-around better Elves (think Melniboneans crossed with Noldo of Tolkien) is that they are especially vulnerable to becoming chaos angels, due to their origin in chaos itself (I give a nod to Exalted for this idea). I think imposing similar consequence on demon binding might make Daedric gear less obvious as an option.

All specative and for learning purposes at this point, I find system modding helps me understand how things work (plusx RuneQuest 6 and the BRP BGB are made with this in mind).

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They do generally mix and match fairly well. BRP has an odd mix of magic, with Magic being a bit like RQ sorcery and Sorcery being a bit like old RQ Battle Magic, but it has Classic Magic which brings back the RQ-style Spirit/Divine/Sorcery.

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