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Awaiting my hardcopy

Michael Hopcroft

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I have a hardcopy of OQ2 from DriveThru on the way by Media Mail. It's been a while since I ordered anything by Media Mail, so I don't know when I'll actually get it.

Of course I do have the PDF already from the order, but I have yet to delve into it very much. Since the very first game material I ever wrote was a Doctor Who hack for the original BRP, I have some familiarity with the D100 system. I also played around with RQ3 a bit back in the day. (Yes, I'm old.)

I now own OQ2, RQ6 (PDF only) and Legend (PDF only). I also got the original MRQ. I wish I had a copy of RQ3 (the Avalon Hill edition) but I'm not sure where to find one. And BRP is on my shortlist of games I want.

So I'm wondering if all those games, based on the same core mechanic and system, play nice with each other. I'm also wondering how many setting options I have available and how I would model various things if I wanted to cross-pollinate.

I also find myself wondering how many BRP/D100 games is too many.

Most significantly, I want to see about playing at Game Storm this year. I might even want to GM. But if I wanted to set up an event, how would I "market" it? If the games play nice with each other, how do I let people know that they will be able to play with, for the most part, knowledge of their particular flavor of D100?

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