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Help understanding radiation rules


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I was looking over the radiation spot rules in the BGB and think I need some help understanding them.

You make a resistance roll, CON versus the radiation's POT. Do you make that roll as soon as the character is exposed or do you have to be exposed for the period of time listed in the chart before making the first resistance roll? Even for low intensity 30 days seems like a long time to be exposed to radiation.

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You need to make the roll after the exposure period.

If it can be deadly after 5 minutes, then roll after 5 minutes to see if you die.

If it takes 30 days and you are not exposed for 30 days then there is no need to roll. However, I would add up all exposure times, so if you were exposed for 10 days, then went away and came back for 10 days and went away again and came back again for 10 days, that adds up to 30 days exposure, so needs a roll.

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Sounds good to me.

It really would depend on the intensity and frequency of the exposure. Even greater than 30 days might not be unreasonable under the right conditions. People who work in limestone quarries are get exposed to minute doses of radiation all day long. It probably won't affect them right away, but who knows what it does to them over years?

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