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The RQ Encounter Generator

Michael Hopcroft

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The RQ Encounter Generator looks like a really good tool. So far I've had a lot of fun just building encounters. Now I'm wondering about templates. A few of the obvious questions, which have probably been asked many times before, come to mind:

1. Can anyone who has an account (I just made one) create a template?

2. Are those templates automatically available to everyone else?

3. I haven't tried to make one yet, so I'm wondering how doing so works?

4. Is there any sort of vetting or commenting process, and does anyone have the authority to delete a template they consider inappropriate for the site (such as a trademark infringement, intentional or no)?

5. How do tags work?

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1. anyone can make a new(or rather modify a) template. So you could take the boar, buff it up, and call it a direboar.

2. provided you release it, yes. Or you can choose to just keep it for yourself.

3. if you want a brand new template instead of working with what's already there, I think the powers that be(skoll or hkokko over at the TDM-boards) have to approve/make it.

4. not to my knowledge. I assume the creators can delete things they feel are inappropriate.

5. I am not sure.

That thing is very, very cool. Should the creators drop by, here's my thumbs up.

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Saw this just a moment ago. Sorry for late reply

1,2 answered already.

3 New templates can be done by anyone logged to the system. New races can only be done by skill,pruneau and myself (hkokko). The race is basically just a hitloc template and most of the usually occurring hitloc variations have been handled already - just grab a template made on a race with appropriately hitlocced race and modify away. If you really need a new race contact one of us on thedesignmechanism forum

4. No vetting at the moment. We trust that people will do the right thing. When something appears we can delete stuff if we need to. So far no need.

5. These are just very very very rough thoughts on guidelines.

There are couple of 'reserved' tags. If the enemy is from Glorantha and "generally accepted" to be - add a keyword Glorantha and other Gloranthan keywords like Gloranthan place names to it. "Generally accepted" means roughly has been described in a Gloranthan supplement.

Same way for Monster Island.

I would reserve "Mythic Rome" and other "Mythic" etc for the possibly upcoming books.

If it is from neither of these places add always a tag describing the world where it comes in. "Fantasy" is a placeholder for these - you could add that keyword to anything. If you have for example "Cimmeria" for Conanesque stuff. Romans could have "Ancient" as the overall tag and "Fantasy" "Roman" (and respectively "Vandal" "Goth" "Pict") as additional tags and then use the common environment tags "Mountain", "Jungle", "City", "Sea"

Tags are there to help the users find the stuff with the filter and they speed up the enemy page quite a bit. Usually two or three tags would help a lot in finding - so first I would use "Ancient" at least for the Romans to pinpoint the world for the filter - then nationality and then the environment if you need that.

Using the environment tag in addition to the world tag helps you build up encounter charts. "Do you feel lucky" will get from current filter you a random enemy and it is quite useful feature - so tag usefully

What is acceptable - that is a difficult question. Aside from the normal - keep it useful and 'safe' for the players of any age and that is already a difficult thing to answer.

Take a look what is there currently - similar things are acceptable. For Glorantha and Monster Island - keep the feel of it.

Technically there are couple of things - spirit society's, mystic brotherhoods and sorcery orders that have been implemented as templates. They probably should not have world tags but just technical tags "Spirit Society", "Sorcery Order". They are there as helpers to create shamans, disciples and sorcerers and would clutter the filters if they had the world tag "Glorantha" or "Monster Island"

Legnionnaires or Centurions are perfectly fine - look at the discussion above for tagging. Vikings as well... Basically anything that would be supported by RQ6 rules but please use the tagging rule.

Please ask if you would like clarifications or want to challenge any of the above.

"Mythic Britain" is reserved for loz.

All three of us are much more active on thedesignmechanism forum or Google+ so if you want quicker answers contact there... I will drop by here occasionally


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September update:

RQ Encounter Generator has some new feature tables (40+) for those who want to get a bit of variety to the looks of the enemies and NPC's generated
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RQ Encounter Tool update:

Day of the Undead at Delecti's Upland Marsh and other enemies
Created a few Delecti related enemies for RQ Encounter Tool based on and inspired by the wonderful articles in an old Tales of the Reaching Moon. If you feel that your players have become upstarts - lead them to Upland Marsh.
Barguest - Spirit Hound
Brontosaurus Zombie
Bronze Dream Dragon Skeleton
Bronze Skeleton
Wyvern Zombie
Pterodactyl Zombie
Plesiosaur Zombie
Griffin Zombie
Aeon the undead roc
Zombie Hadrosaur
Dragonewt beaked warrior, elite zombie
Dancer of Darkness, Delecti Vampire
Zombie Mock Hydra
Petrified Gorilla
Undead Admiral and his Longship
Marsh wight
12 Meter giant zombie
Dark troll zombie
Zorak zoran zombie lich
Great Troll Zombie
Elf Vampire
Minotaur Vampire
Manticore Vampire
Centaur Vampire
Lesser Vampire
Dancer of Darkness Party
Undead Troll party
Grimoires for sea and march sorcery have been created.
Sorcery Order Marsh and Mist
Sorcery Order of Waves and Depths
Few other enemies have been created as well.
Lich Fonritan
Lich Monster Island
Lich party
Lich Party at Monster Island
Savanger (Bloodbird)
Leaping Bear
Green Elf, Wintered (Undead)
Rhinoceros, Granite 
Kivi, Fire Bear
Manticore, Alpha Male
12 Meter. Giant
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RQ6 Encounter Tool 101 - Finding and generating your enemies 

Created a small visual guide to getting up to speed with RQ Encounter Tool.  This first version is for finding and generating your enemies. 
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RQ Encounter Tool 101 Part 2 - Creating NPC's and Parties

Here is a visual guide how to create NPC's with RQ Encounter Tool.

This second guide concentrates on how to create NPC's and parties. It gives a stepwise example of creating both basic and stronger NPC's for a barbarian campaign. The example is for Sartar and Orlanthi but would be widely applicable to most campaigns.


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Demon Encounters for RQ6

Whereever there are sorcerors there is a pact being negotiated and usually with forces of darkness, even chaos. Wondered what you could evoke with your Evoke spell - here are few possibilities in RQ Encounter Generator.

Demons have been crafted as per Monster Island suggestions. Minor beings will have 100 characteristics points on average, skills are targeted to be on the intensity level that adepts would have. Moderate ones 150 and Major ones 200 with skills that mage's or archmage's intensity probably would be.

For color each demon has a chaotic feature which could also be considered a demonic feature. Demons are tough beings so had each of them to have "Undead" ability for increased resistance to weapons and they have varying natural or other armour.  All of the demons here look different and each of them might have an ability in addition to chaotic feature. This batch happens to four legged ones but there could be other shapes in future.

These are demon warriors - there are of course other kinds as well. Like mentioned in the Monster Island Elric books especially are a good source.

Demons are usually met alone with their master - a sorcerer- or in small numbers. There are also their masters and a sorcerer's party.

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Return to Monster Island

I felt compelled to return to Monster Island with RQ Encounter Tool. Here are some of the few missing colourful creatures from the Monster Island book. Cob Hobblers are a particularly nasty end to player character career - not even to talk about the nasty Vorslurp.
- Cob Hobbler - Human form
- Cob Hobbler Jungle Boar form
- Cob Hobbler Jaguar form
- Cob Hobbler Infestation
- Bone Wraith
- Dune Haunter (Sand Ghoul)
- Hitotsume-kozo
- Vorslurp
- Kapre
- Naga
- Tengu (Bird Goblin)
- Tetrapus
- Therizinosaurus
- Tikbalang
- Waheela
- Manananggal
- Rokurokubi
- Ettin, Serpent People Warrior
Plants have had additions too in the plants additional feature
-Deathdrip Flower
- Moon Flower
-Spinedragon Tree
These are visible for example in the Monster Island Daily Event
All of the Monster Island enemies have been updated to include abilities description and other tuneups. You will find these at Enemies and Parties page with filter "Monster Island"
Zombies have had some new additions as well - mostly with Delecti's Swamp in mind
- Zombie
- Zombie of Orlanth Wind Voice
- Zombie of Orlanth Acolyte
- Zombie of Sartar river raider
- Zombies of Orlanth Marsh Raiding party
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Return to Monster Island Completed

Went thru the Monster Island and found a few missing creatures hiding here and there.
This is the list - this should complete all the creatures presented in the Monster Island set.
- Serpent People Courtesan
- Serpent People Entertainer
- Serpent People Official
- Serpent People Crafter
- Serpent People Barkeep
- Nightwalker
- Kitsune
- Kitsune, 200 years old
- Lammasu
- Serpent people official party
- Bar At Serpent People City
Added also one old obscure one from the Pavis and Big Rubble
- Brollachan 
All the bands have now Musicals instruments which is a new additional feature
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Sea and Chaos: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Some of the more dangerous chaos things have still been missing in action for RQ Encounter Tool. Here is a gaggle - actually a Chaos Gaggle of them

- Brindithum, Chaos Goat
- Bastok, Chaos Wyvern
- Zeech, Slithering Whale
- Urgan, Slime Snake
- Red Gorp

They love a party so are usually always found together - to the detriment of characters who encounter them. These are based on Anaxial's Annex version of them. 

Here are some aquatic creatures for those who love adventures at sea.

- Sea Dragon
- Great Dragonfish
- Placoderm, Great Tiger
- Sting Ray
- Sea Snake
- Devouring Fangtooth
- Platecarp
- Archelon
- Lion Seal
- Elephant Seal

In Kralorela there exist many kinds of Eastern Dragons - here is one variation of those
-Li Lung - the Burrowing Dragon

Aldryami forests are filled with creatures - here is one of the smallest of them
- Sprite / Pixie

Lunar magicians can summon bodyguards - here is a relatively nasty variety of one of those that can be summoned
- Vecors - Moon Daimon


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Exigers of Pamaltela in RQ6 - on the trail of Jeff Okamoto Campaign Log

I have long been fascinated by Jeff Okamoto's campaign log of the epic Sandy Petersen campaign ranging from Pavis to Pamaltela. Years and years ago the original manuscript was on sale at Convulsion (somewhere in the 90's) and even while fiercely trying with a friend of mine (hi Nigel) we could not get enough money together in the auction to purchase it. Luckily few years ago the manuscript became publicly available.
One of the highlights of the log was the exiger campaign. Now with some new information unearthed by Guide to Glorantha and the wonderful community at Google+ Glorantha forum I put together the exigers for Runequest 6 Encounter Generator.
Exigers are a group of fierce mountain clans in Mari Mountains in Pamaltela ruling over their Menial slaves who farm and live in the valleys while exigers trade with outsiders.
First exigers depicted here are Humakt worshippers. Very few of them actually ride horses - usually there are not enough horses to equip the men at arms. Some  tribes have 'tamed' mountain trolls - they gray giants in the Okamoto log.
All exiger at initiate level and higher are usually the original exigers each commanding half a dozen men at arms who usually have been flocking together to the fortresses of the exigers. Sometimes the exigers have a sorcerer with them.
Guide to Glorantha has a picture of an exiger at page 588.
Exiger Men At Arms
Exiger - Humakt Initiate
Exiger - Humakt Initiate, Strong One
Exiger - Humakt Sword
Exiger / Doraddi Sorcerer
Exiger Patrol
Exiger War Party
Exiger War Party with a Mountain Troll
Menials are slaves of the exigers who have been forbidden to use arms. They have been using staves and unarmed combat to defend themselves. Menials know of friendly shamans in the mountains - of whom the exigers are wary of.
Menial - subject of Exiger
Menial - Student of the way of the land
Menial - Disciple of the way of the land
Menial Villagers
Doraddi Shaman
Added also Doraddi Hair color and Appearance - Doraddi Skin to the additional feature tables and Exiger Tribes to party additional feature tables.
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Walk down the memory lane - where it all began - Apple Lane - Encounters for RQ6

I still remember the first time I GM'd Runequest. It was sometime February 1981 and the scenario was Apple Lane. We had played D&D for a few years and I wanted to try something new.
It was love on first game - everything clicked - the combat - the milieu - the crunchy style, the tactics for the attackers, spells. I searched thru my garage and found my original Apple Lane set, still containing the markings of hit points going down, skill percentage changes and fallen marks.
Here are the stats for Rq6 for those who would like to try to help Gringle and Quackjohn. May your game with these create as good memories as mine did.
Gringle's Pawnshop with Gringle and friends.
The baboon troop
Xarban's Gang 
Gringle himself
Quackjohn, Gringle's Assistant
The young baboon troop contains
Young Baboon Alpha Male,
young hunters
baboon Rabble
Baboon Mother.
Xarban's gang has
Beaked Dragonewt with Sorcery
Northern Centaur Warrior
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Adventuring in Sartar - Encounters for RQ6

Here is a collection of few ready made encounters in Sartar area for Runequest 6. More can be found by going to the RQ Encounter Tool and selecting Parties with filter Sartar or selecting enemies with filter Sartar. There is also a set of encounters for Apple Lane
At a village
- Meeting of Clan Ring and Elders
- At an Orlanthi Stead
- At an Orlanthi village
- Inn at Sartar
- Villagers of Apple Lane
- Earth Priestess Party
- Earth Temple Guardians
- Gringle's Pawnshop
On the road
- Issaries Caravan, Small
- Lokarnos Caravan
- Odayla Hunter Party
- Sartar Bandit Raiding Party
- Sartar Earthshaker Party
- Sartar Raiding Party
- Telmori Hunter Warriors with Wolves
- Troll Gorakiki Beetle Caravan
- Tuskrider Raiding Party
- Yinkin Hunter Party
- Sorcerer Party in Genertela
- Dragonewt Expedition
- Zombies of Orlanth Marsh Expedition Party
- Etyries Caravan
- Lunar Seven Mothers Mission
- Lunar Cavalry Patrol
- Lunar Hoplite Patrol
- Lunar Peltast Field Patrol
- Lunar Tax Collectors
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Umathela - Orlanthi, Sedalpists, Vadeli in the Southern Continent of Pamaltela

RQ Encounter turns to South. Lord of the Storm is strong in the coast of Pamaltela (Fonrit, Fonrit update, Vadeli) even before the arrival of Harrek. The problems with Lunar seem remote when the real problems are forest elves, Afadjanni surges and Vadeli treachery and there is even talk of  new power of Kresh in the south. Sorcery is strong in this land. Thanks for Simon Bray for the very useful background discussions that will hopefully generate even more of Umathelan and Fonritan material in the future. 
Here are few encounters for Umathela in RQ Encounter Generator format. 
-Umathelan Barbarian
-Umathelan Barbarian Orlanth Initiate
-Umathelan Barbarian Orlanth Wind Voice
-Umathelan Barbarian Mercenary
-Umathelan Barbarian Mercenary Orlanth Initiate
-Umathelan Barbarian Warrior Party
-Umathelan Barbarian Mercenary Party
Sedalpist Sorcery Order with Apprentice, Adept, Mage and Archmage has been created. 
-Sedalpist Adept/Apprentice
-Sedalpist Mage
-Sedalpist Sorcerer with Retinue
One of the cities has its own marine corps and it has been detailed here
-Cerngoth Marine
-Cerngoth Marine Sergeant
-Cerngoth Marine Party
-Malasp Mermen Warparty
Various inhabitants of Umathela have been created here. 
-Thief - an update
-Umathelan Malkioni Sorcerer - an update
-Umathelan Merchant
-Umathelan Merchant Caravan
-Sedalpian Worker Rabble
-Inn At Umathela
-Umathelan Town Dwellers 
-Lhankhor Mhy Sage in Umathela
-Babeester Gor Initiate - Umathelan
Vadeli magic has been updated. A new sorcery order: Vadeli Sorcery order has been created. 
- Vadeli Trader - updated with Vadeli magic
Many of the encounters possible in Fonrit are also likely in Umathela even though they might be more hostile situations - so the relevant encounters have been updated with the tag "Umathela"
All of the sorcerers have been updated with Special Magic Component to Shape and Unknown Magic Component. The convention is that all the sorcery orders usually teach the default Magic Components by which sorcerers can shape their spells (Combine, Duration, Magnitude, Targets, Range). The order might sometimes not teach one of the default components (or might teach it only to higher ranks of sorcerers) and might teach one of the special magic components (Ablation, Focus, Fortune, Precision, Swiftness).
When creating a sorcerer you can choose one or more of these as a random feature or as non random feature. This will give even more variety to sorcerers. All of the sorcerers I have created have now this possibility of one of the default magic components missing and one special one added. 
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RQ Encounter Generator reaches 1900: RQ6 Monsters all covered, Pamaltela and City Gangs

RQ Encounter Generator passed the 1900 templates mark this weekend. This also marks the point of having all encounters from RQ6 rules book covered. 
Rq6 book encounters added
-Acephali Skirmisher
Pamaltela carnivore encounters added
-Painted Wolf
-Painted Wolf, Alpha Male
-Painted Wolf Pack
City encounters added
-City Gang
-Just Another Street Gang
-City Gang Member 
-City Gang Member (Underling)
-City Gang Member (Rabble)
Added also feature list for Pavis Street Gang names, Bakru Curses and Curse Durations. 
Here is another undead - this time a Ghoul (Dark Troll)
Finally a possible campaign stopper - this time in Dragon Pass
Greater Hydra of Dragon Pass
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Game Night supported by RQ6 Encounter tool

RQ Encounter Generator provides you a way to very quickly generate evenings worth of encounters for your RQ6 game session. There are more than 1900 distinct encounter templates for enemies and hundreds of different ready made party encounters.  There are multiple ways of using the floor for preparing.
A. Using it on the fly
You need to have internet connection and preferably a printer available.
Find an enemy or party using the search tools
1. filter by category
2. search with any word and/or opponent skill level
3. browse or press "Do you feel lucky"
4. Generate
5. Save to a location of your choice or just print or use the pdf.
This might cause a disruption in the flow of your session so what I do usually is as follows.
B. Preparing for the session before hand
Sometimes you are preparing for a session well before the players come in. Sometimes it is half an hour or even less. The following approach is fit for both but of course you will have more time to think about the results of your preparation if you do it for example in the previous night.
I usually use loopy planning defined by Johnn Four which I have had very good experience so far.
Step 1 - the search 
What I have usually done - for an evenings' game I create pdf's out of the usual suspects of the area I am playing in - using the filtering and searching. I take care to look at the hanging threads and the plans of the enemies (loopy planning) when I am searching for encounters.
I might mark a few search results as favorites.  I might filter with a keyword and press "Do you feel lucky" a few times and create pdf's out of those.
For example if I would need different kind of plants I would print out the "Not really a rose garden" - same for dinosaurs.
For a city I print out a bar and a market plus some random law enforcement and villains, a temple or two.
Usually it is enough to generate 2 or 3 encounters worth of enemies per terrain type or hanging thread. If the encounters are not rabble or underlings it might be hard to go thru more than a few robust melees or adverse encounters in an evening.
Step 2 - keeping the results
Usually I print the generated enemies out as I probably need to mark hit points down while fight goes on.
I keep a list of recurring enemies (the ones they did not manage to kill the first time round or that have hanging threads from previous session etc) in Evernote or Dropbox or printed out on a folder.
It is quite rare that I cannot live with these printouts as it is difficult during an evening session to go thru more than a few melees
Step 3 - adhoc
Sometimes during a game I need certain kind of enemy that I did not prepare for - I search for it and print it out from my iPad to a local printer.
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So you want to generate RQ Encounters for RQ6 but do not want them to be in Glorantha

There are people who want to play in different worlds than in Glorantha but still want to use Runequest 6 and make it easy to create the encounters. That is very straightforward. There is an article on searching but below are few extra tips.
Use the filters
Select either "Fantasy", "RQ6", "Sea". "Plant", "Jungle", "Monster Island", "Chaos" as your filters in enemies or parties page. Most of the results will be non Gloranthan
There is a tag "Rq6" that shows you only the monsters defined in RQ6 rule book. There are a few missing (humans, elves, dwarves but they are described with their Gloranthan counterparts). I added the tag to most my creations but there are some in RQ6 book that I have not created the template but somebody else has.  There is also a tag "Monster Island" which shows all the entries from Monster Island.
Use the home page
Type -Glorantha on the home page and you will get only non Gloranthan results. Currently the minus only works in the home page. for example try typing into the home page (not enemies page, not parties page) Fantasy -Glorantha -Sea and you will see the list which has tags "Fantasy" but not Glorantha and not Sea.
Search with monster names
Search "Giant", "Zombie", "Skeleton", "Lion", "Tiger", "Sorcerer", "Primitive" etc and you will find quite a few entries.
About the tags. 
Tags are personal - so each creator of the encounter can only tag his own entries. There might therefore be differences in how people have tagged their creations over time.
Very short introduction how to map (Gloranthan) RQ Encounters to your generic fantasy world.
Many encounters in RQ Encounter tool are made for Glorantha but you can use all or most of them easily on any world with just a few tips.
 I am really direct and brief here - so forgive me - oh grognards of Glorantha for inaccuracies.
Forget about the names of the gods - think of the aspect below.
If you do not like to use the magic provided - discard it.
If you do not want to think of gods at all - drop them - just use the spells.
Mapping list
  • Orlanth  = Storm god, god of warriors. Worshippers of Orlanth can be used  as your standard barbarians
  • Umathela, Sartar = your standard barbarian areas
  • Afadjann, Fonrit,Kareeshtu = Think of thousand and one nights tales inhabitants
  • Agimori - Very tall dark people
  • Agartha, Akakor, Zerzura = Serpent people tribes from Monster Island
  • Anguri, Gabari, Gamari,Ghidori, Kamacuri, Kangi,Kumongi, Oodaki, Primitive tribesmen from jungle from Monster Island
  • Aranea = Spider god
  • Argan Argar = Troll trader god
  • Pavis = big frontier city
  • Balazaring = primitive hunter gatherers
  • Basmoli = Lion god
  • Broo = Chaos Hybrids with usually goat's heads
  • Chaos = that unruly evil thing that you must oppose
  • Undead = those that live but do not
  • Doraddi = another tall, dark people tribe
  • Lodril = Volcano god
  • Exiger = excellent fighters
  • Etyries, Issaries = trader gods
  • Humakt = death god for warriors
  • Wachaza = Sea warrior death god
  • Ludoch, Malasp = mermen
  • Lunar = civilized warriors - think Roman, Persian
  • Lankhor Mhy = knowledge god
  • Odayla = hunter god
  • Waha = nomad chieftain god
  • Mallia = Causer of Disease God
  • Chalana Arroy = Healer god
  • Thed, Ragnaglar = Chaos Gods
  • Thanatari = Chaos knowledge god - headhunters
  • Yelmalio = Solar warrior god
  • Yelm = Solar ruler god.
  • This tackles most common ones in the RQ Encounter parties list.
Putting on my Protection from Flames spell with maximum intensity...
Creating your own encounters
If you do not find the right kind of encounters it is easy to create your own. Use a good tagging strategy when you do - see how others have tagged theirs.
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Sea Monsters of Glorantha – Brief Overview

Summer is the time for frolicking in the sea. Here are a few sea monsters for RQ Encounter Generator inspired by an article about prehistoric sea monsters.
- Megalodon -  a Giant Shark
- Liopleurodon - Carnivorous Sea Reptile
- Basilosaurus - Carnivorous Whale
- Sea Scorpion
- Dunkleosteus - Armored Fish
- Kronosaur
- Helicoprion - Buzzsaw Shark , young adult
- Livyatan - Carnivorous Whale
- Giant Stingray
There are of course others
-Assassin Conch
-Great Barracuda
-Great Dragonfish
-Crab, Giant
-Clam, Giant
-Devouring Fangtooth
-Giant Eel
-Giant Jellyfish
-Kraken Weed
-Placoderm, Great Tiger
-Sea Serpent
-Sea Dragon
-Savanger - Bloodbird
-Tiger Turtle
-White Shark
and or course Zeech, the Slithering Whale
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More Sea Monsters of Glorantha

Here are few more sea monsters for RQ Encounter Generator  inspired by the excellent Hearts In Glorantha Collection, volume 1.

Giant Sea Worm (Underdecker)
Shadow Squid
Ludoch Lancers Guard riding Hippocampi
Ghoul Sailor
Ghoul Sailor - Ship's Officer
Ghoul Ship party
More Sea Monsters are available here


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Hmmm. Tried myself. Picked a jungle boar. Added "Teshnos" by typing it and pressing enter. The tag "Teshnos" became visible in the tag row with the rest of the tags (it had "Monster Island", "Fantasy" and "Jungle" . Went back to search page. Searched with Teshnos and found the boar. 


Could you explain each step. Does the tag become visible in the tag row (the row where all tags appear on the page where you enter all the details about the enemy.

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Morituri Te Salutant - Gladiators in RQ6 and Glorantha

Gladiators - Pete Nash wrote an excellent article on gladiators for Swedish Roleplaying Magazine - Fenix  He described well the many different forms of gladiators and their tactics which is well worth a look. Gladiators in history were very popular and could be a good source of scenario hooks in addition to forcing the players to arena to participate.

Here are RQ Encounter Generator versions of them. These are all human...

- Gladiator - Provocateur
- Gladiator - Provocator - Veteran
- Gladiator - Murmillo
- Gladiator - Murmillo - Veteran
- Gladiator - Sartar
- Gladiator - Esrolian
- Gladiator - Hoplomachus
- Gladiator - Retiarius
- Gladiator - Dimachaerus
- Gladiator - Sartar,veteran
- Gladiator - Esrolian,veteran
- Gladiator - Hoplomachus,veteran
- Gladiator - Retiarius,veteran
- Gladiator - Dimachaerus,veteran

"Returning to the Arena today, after five years in retirement. We are pleased to bring you... the only undefeated champion in Fonrit history: the legendary Doom That Came from Temissrah

- Gladiator - Murmillo - Master

Here are all of them at school

- Gladiator School


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Adventures in Glorantha Take 2: RQ Encounter Generator Previews All The World's Monsters

Adventures in Glorantha Preview finally brings us official RQ6 versions of multitude of beasts in Glorantha. So far we have 35+ years of history of different versions of Runequest and magazines.  AiG gives them an unified view of the stats and skills. This of course meant that I needed to change the stats in RQ6 Encounter Generator as these have been so far either direct conversions or my interpretations of the monsters. The enemies that have been changed are still my interpretations of the AiG as they are based on the Preview and the rules are not fully complete yet. Like noted in my first look at Adventures in Glorantha elder races are not yet described in AiG Preview.  I remain in gratitude that I got permission at GenCon to do this upgrade under the normal Fan Policy. 

All the enemies in RQ Encounter Generator that have been presented in AiG have now been gone thru and the skills, stats, hit locations, armour, movement rates, weapon damage and abilities have been revised and updated. Many new entries also exist in the additional feature tables but they contain also many of the previous entries. In many cases the skills have gone up, new skills added and abilities added or even removed - in many other cases the characteristics are different than originally. There are also new additional features like Gloranthan Snake Venom types.  For example Dream Dragons are far more deadlier and versatile opponents than originally.  As the AiG preview does not contain the cults yet - my versions of the entries have versions of Glorantha One Pager cults - like Aranea. This is a first cut and I may need to tune them still in future and the changes may reverberate to other monsters that are similar to these. All the changed monsters have a tag Aig on them so they can be easily found.

Textual descriptions in AiG feel in most cases richer than original entries in the original book or magazine. There is advice on tactics in many cases. Some of the entries in AiG are very rich indeed (like the Vampire or Dream Dragon). I can feel the sense of care being put to the bestiary as unified whole and can only imagine the moments of cackling madness of joy that the creators must have had in creating and writing the monsters. This is Glorantha brought to the 2015's.  I am looking forward to final version of AiG in Chaosium Runequest as an indispensable aid for GM in Glorantha.

Here is the list of updated monsters.

-Basilisk, Gloranthan
-Gloranthan Bat, Giant
-Bison, Bull
-Bolo Lizard
-Charnjibber Early Season
-Charnjibber Mid Season
-Charnjibber Late Season
-Cliff Toad
-Cockatrice, Gloranthan
-Demi Bird
-Dragonsnail, Three headed
-Dream Dragon Adult (+ runic breath weapons)
-Triceratops, Young Adult
-Triceratops, Ancient Matriarch-
-Gargoyle, small
-Gargoyle, medium
-Gargoyle, large
-Ghoul, Human Gloranthan
-Gorp, Large
-Harpy Nest - party
-High Llama
-Lesser Hydra
-Do-Karal, Scourge of the Countryside
-Jack-o_bear, Just Weaned
-Dringi (Free Jolanti)
-Karrg Beetle
-Krarsthkid, Small
-Krarsthkid, Old Digger
-Raptor, Giant (and Giant Grok Hawk)
-Lizard, Rock
-Rubble Runner
-Shadow Cat, Young
-Sky Bull
-Slime Deer
-Fang Snake
-Slime Snake
-Rainbow Snake
-Spit Snake
-Stake Snake
-Stone Snake
-Fethlon Python
-Gloranthan Venomous Snake
-Male Hunter Spider
-Female Breeder, Young
-Great Mother Spider
-Gloranthan Wyrm
-Water Wyrm
-Lesser Vampire

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