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Online Runequest play


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OK...I've finally gotten off my duff and played a RPG (in this case Castles & Crusades). This is an online game and it has been interesting because one player lives in France, another in Wales, and the rest of us in the U.S.

I'd love to play Runequest but do not have a local GM and can not (yet) find anyone doing an online game (checked Roll20, Obsidian Portal). I've found 1 Runequest game on Roll20 but it is full.

Anyone know of any better way to locate an online Runequest game?

PS- this process has again discouraged me that Pathfinder, etc. are so popular and Runequest is not.

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Honestly, I don't really have a true answer. You've looked on Roll20, which is the best place to look for online real-time games (as opposed to play-by-post sites). If I wasn't so busy already running a rather ambitious BRP Classic Fantasy/Runequest/AD&D hybrid for my long-time friends while still working full-time, I'd offer to run an adventure or two, especially since I'm trying really hard to get away from level-based RPGs (especially the D20 scene, which my friends really love). As it is, though, I'm constantly reworking things in our game to make things more comfortable/more agreeable for my group.

Out of curiosity, which edition of RQ are you looking to play?

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Does anyone know if there is a way to test one's webcam? Ever since I upgraded my OS I haven't seen the light on top of my webcam come on. I have no idea whether it actually works.

Skype seems to think it works, though. I just need to figure out my next move. FG Con looks interesting -- I liked my virtual con last year -- but I don't know how much of a money and time investment Fantasy Grounds would be. I do have a Roll20 account but the looking-for-groups page only accepts a limited selection of games and I don't see any d100 games getting native support.

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