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Arcania of Legend: Elementalism - Now Available!


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The latest volume of Arcania of Legend is now available for the Legend RPG, adding a new magic system to the game - this time, it is the turn of Elementalism.

You can grab a copy here;


Common magical lore divides physical existence into four basic elements; Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. By manipulating these elements, Elementalists create some of the most spectacular effects of magic, raising walls of stone around themselves or raining fiery death upon their enemies. Unlike practitioners of common magic who barely touch the power of the elements and Priests whose powers come from the Gods, sorcerers master the raw elemental forces without permission and, most of the time, even without acknowledgement.

By enhancing a sword with Fireblade or using Breathe Water, all magic users are elementalists in a way. Their knowledge, however, is limited to the strictly defined spells they learn from their communities, churches and sorcerous orders. Beyond that basic knowledge, there are those who dare a greater understanding of the elements and walk the Four Elemental Ways gaining power over the building blocks of the universe.

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"Arcania of Legend" is a horrible name. It just screams CHEAP!

Why not "arcana"? It's a nice Latin word (the plural of "arcanum"), and an English one too. It reminds of Unearthed Arcana.

Arcania ia an embarassing non-word. And it's the title of a videogame.

"Arcania of Legend" truly deserves to sit on a shelve next to WotC's "Libris Mortis" and to "Malum Umbra" and "Extrico Tabula" - the infamous companions to Chtulhu Invictus.

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