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Starting a Glorantha RQ6 Campaign before Adventures in Glorantha: one mans view.

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Yep, some good advice here. All great settings listed here, some good memories playing these.

Personally I can't wait to see how things shape up in RQ6 AiG. I've got the sneak peek of the kickstarter Guide For Glorantha and the setting looks better than ever. Very much the bronze age setting, the cultures really come alive.

Personally I would like to see some new campaign material for Holy Country, and perhaps some Malkioni campaigns. The Malkioni are much more bronze age in the upcoming Gloranthan material, very little in common with medieval Europe, I think the mid period Byzantine Empire would be one of the closest analogies perhaps, but as usual there is alot of influences.

Anyway I hope RQ6 AiG is reasonbly comprehensive regarding the cultures, but I hope any campaigns shifts the focus away from Dragon Pass, Prax, and The Lunar Empire as I think we can get the content for that from the HeroQuest rpg and just port it into RQ6 mechanics. Holy Country, Malkioni, and Teshnos have my votes for upcoming campaigns. Maybe after that the focus could go somewhere exotic like The East Isles or Fonrit, but I think some more Genertelan stuff needs to be covered first.

You're right on the money with those Chaosium RQ2 settings being a great introduction to Glorantha, they were all good products that stand up well to the test of time.

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A long time gaming buddy of mine Tom Zunder wrote such a great post on his Gaming Tavern forum that I asked his permission to reblog it also in https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/guest-post-back-under-the-glowline/ There is so much choice that we friends of Glorantha have now. So here is his post - enjoy.

Notesfrompavis has now new sidebar links: 
- all the GM tool links provided visible on the right hand side 
- the most popular article links 
- links to Glorantha, RQ or GM related blogs, pages and forums I have found useful or fun to follow

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That was an excellent and succint post. Seeing the Clawed Hand had me reminiscing about Dragon Pass and Prax (my newtling was crushed in the hollow by the hand... well, he certainly had no businees going there). I hope more stuff comes out for Dragon Pass. Anyway, great post.

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