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BRP Games at FG Con 4


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FG Con 4 - less than 2 weeks to go!



44 Sessions running from Thursday 8th May to Sunday 11th May 2014.

Ive got a handful of more interesting games that still need a few players - including 3 BRP Sessions!

BRP: Star Wars, BRP: Firefly/Serenity, GUMSHOE: Night’s Black Agents, FATE: Dresden Files, Extinction Event: To the choppers

Everything is free to play - you can even play on a free/demo license.

BRP: Star Wars.

You are a star-rover, one of the lucky few who spend their lives traversing the black void of deep space. Though you often pass long hours aboard cramped, uncomfortable starliners, you spend most of your time exploring mysterious new worlds. On these planets, you will find strange races of intelligent beings, ancient alien cultures, and creatures more deadly than any in the known universe.

‘That’s what the Pan Galactic Corporation’s advertising blip says’ says the old-timer at the spaceport , ‘ but I dunno-space turned out to be cold ,deadly and unforgiving, the planets even more dangerous and I never slept on a starliner couch yet that didn’t give me lumbago’

You smile at him and drop a few credits in the tin cup he holds out before entering the departure lounge.

‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you pal’

and 2 sessions of:

BRP: Firefly/Serenity

So we got this job, some fùyou chao core worlder said he’d pay us an ungodly sum of money to fly him to a stray moon somewhere near Kalidasa and guard him. He said there ain’t no real risk of someone being there other than maybe pirates, but we’ve dealt with their kind before. The guy paid for our old Dauntless to have radiation plating ‘cos this moon passes close enough to the sun that radiation could be a problem, he’s even got us training in some new type of exo-suit. I’m not quite sure this mission is all on the up and up, I mean it’s a lot of money to throw at us and we ain’t even taken off. It’s the pay of a lifetime though, enough that we all be rich when we’re done. I’ve asked the crew and they’re in on it. So we leave in the mornin’. This’ll be my last log entry until we get there…. whoo, I hope it all works out.

This is Cooper, signing off.

GUMSHOE: Night’s Black Agents

Excess Baggage is a twenty-minute demo scenario by Kevin Kulp for Night’s Black Agents, a new GUMSHOE Game from Kenneth Hite (Trail of Cthulhu) that brings the excitement of your favorite high-octane spy thrillers to the table.

Your job is to give new players a fast 2 hours experience that feels like it could have been torn from the best James Bond, Jason Bourne or Mission Impossible movies. This requires a cinematic demo that stays rules-light, even as it explores some of the game’s major mechanics and themes. A quick game like this gives the player the cinematic feel of “we’re badass spies!” lets them save the day against high stakes, and lets them see how general and investigative skills work.

FATE – Dresden Files – Night Fears

The old Cranston house had stood unoccupied for as long as anyone could remember. Few spoke of why. After a while, everything just passed into rumor, and now nobody knows the truth for sure.

But they do know one thing: it’s one hell of a spooky house. If you can make it through the whole night in the Cranston house, you’ll be legendary back at school, kings and queens of the hallways.

Extinction Event: To the Choppers

Trapped in a downtown office block, it is not the place to be for the ending of the world. Bad arse Aliens have landed and this town is ground zero. You and your companions need to get to the military choppers. These choppers are taking survivors out of the combat zone, either before the Aliens overrun the town or the skyboys drop the bomb.”

Will you survive this gritty experience, where a wrong turn or a wrong decision will cost you your life or the life of your companion.

Extinction Event is a new ruleset, which displays the creative power of Fantasy Grounds, with some technical knowledge and a bit of tenacity, Fantasy Grounds can allow you to create and run your own ruleset.

Extinction Event gets gritty and a little dirty, you are not the hero of the story or the all powerful OZ, you are a normal modern day human trying to survive an unnatural event, sometimes even a little weird.

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