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OpenQuest 2 May update

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Quick update.

Crucible of Dragons has gone out to Demi-God preorders, and OpenQuest Basics print has gone out to Demi-God & Hero pre-orders, last month.

Savage North has gone to proof again, because of a slight mistake with the cover. Hopefully it will come back end of next week and be sent out to Demi-Gods and Heroes.

Life and Death is nearly finished. The new adventure has grown considerably, doubling in size, and I need one more self-editing session before I pass it over to my proof reader. I also need to do another editing pass and incorporate changes that my independent proofer has sent. But I'm looking at the end of May for this one to go to print proof.

OpenQuest Adventures is currently being pulled together. Writing is about 75% done and Art has been commissioned.

Not much to update you on the online SRD/Web parts of the campaign since I'm heads down getting the print parts of the campaign done and dusted.

June is still my absolute end date with all of this.

So in Summary

May - Savage North

June - Life and Death/OpenQuest Adventures

Late June - Online SRD.

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Definitely excited by the news. All the new product sounds exciting and the fact the OGC will be out in the next couple of months is exciting as well.

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