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New BRP Gamers (8 and 10)

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Not really sure where this goes, so if it needs to move...

In answer to a lack of gamers, I have now added two more acolytes to the BRP goodness. My homebrew game is off to a wonderful start...until they got to skill selection.

It took them over an hour to decide what to play out of the 50 races available, but finally decided on a anthro lion bounty hunter and a snow elf elementalist.

Stats and gear went well enough, but they were a bit put off by the skills (house rules: No base skill for anything, you have to buy everything with INT and EDU points).

The character creation took a longer time than I thought, but I forget that they are only now learning multiplication so I shouldn't be too hard on them when they look at 1550% of skill points and give me the blank eyed stare...

Pre-gen characters from now on, I think.

Characters should be complete tomorrow and play should commence next weekend (4 day, woo hoo!) with the family. So far the group consists of a nymph elementalist mafioso, a lion anthro bounty hunter and a snow elf elementalist...I think I might have a goblin PI as an NPC that travels with the group.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I am doing my part in creating tomorrow's geeks today :)


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Arduin?? I hope that is in no way similar to Arwyn from LOTR...

Never heard of it...time to google it...

It is big because it started out as a stand alone game...and since I am remiss and have yet to get the BRP reading edition, I have no idea how compatible it is. It is compatible with Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer...but since I had to put 14 different kinds of magic and all the races in there, it just kept getting bigger.


Just saw it on Wikipedia...uh, thank you?


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