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Download four times at Chaosium.com?


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I just got an email from Chaosium about their 7th ed CoC Quickstart being nominated for an Ennie. It's free. So I went to their site and downloaded it. And I got a "friendly" message that I could download it four times before it "expires."


This is the new Chaosium website. Am I to understand that PDFs I purchase directly from them (yes, I know, this one is free) will only be available four times? That's rather at odds with other sites, and I don't like it.


Before I buy anything new from Chaosium directly, I want to know. I certainly will buy elsewhere if I can avoid being cut off that way.

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I sent an email to Chaosium days ago about things related to this matter. Surprise, surprise, I have not yet heard back from anyone.


I'm not too fond of how they are handling previous purchases (old site) either. (Which is basically "by now you should have it on your drive and won't ever need to re-download it")


If that is to be their stance, why would I ever buy from them again? There are many alternatives that are more reliable and stable. 


Sidenote: I understand that restoring purchase histories takes time and if that were the case then I can certainly be patient. However, it IS Chaosium and patience = years, but from what I understand they are not planning on restoring purchase histories from the old site anyway... so make backups!


More specifically to your point, and in an attempt to be more positive towards Chaosium... I'm hoping that the download limit and expiration date is artificial and only reads that way because their new site is based on a script that they didn't code. (In such cases, people tend to manipulate the script to behave the way they want without actually editing code.)

BGB = BRP Gold. New book = BRP Platinum.  Stay metal. 

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Update: Ok, it isn't an expiration date. It's a maximum download limit, and it is NOT artificial. So apparently any purchases made on Chaosium's site only allows a max of 4 downloads before you are cutoff. 

BGB = BRP Gold. New book = BRP Platinum.  Stay metal. 

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