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Gloranthan Timelines - Generational Perspective

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In my campaign I have long wanted a view of Gloranthan history from a perspective of an ordinary people who might only think about just a few years back, in my father's day, when my grandfather was young, when my great-grandfather was initiated.

At the same I wanted to see what was happening at other regions at the time. Created the database for the calendar information and wanted to share a generational perspective for the Gloranthan history.

Now your Sartarite NPC or your character can say that the Moon worshippers finally got us when my father was young. My grandfather died with the last true king of Sartar - Salinarg.  My grandfather had seen the opening of the seas and the Sun Worshippers receiving their land and starting to construct their temple.

Currently my campaign has some seafaring parts so I wanted to know when closing was in effect overall and in particular areas.

Almost all the dates and history information are compiled from the Guide, Kingdom of Sartar and the new Pavis book.

The generation is defined to be 25 years which might be a bit high for barbarian cultures but would work for civilized. The base year in the years ago is 1625. The table contains event per year for all areas, how many generations ago it happened, how many years ago it happened and whether closing was in effect at the time.


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Wow - this is excellent, very useful!

I always set my RQ Gloranthan games in the Third Age with starting dates of approx ST1610 - ST1615 so I've got a canvas of background events that are cannon, and its not yet in the kickoff of the Hero Wars (? ST1620s onwards). Its a good time to begin as 'ordinary folk' and if the campaign becomes lengthy it could span the decade into the Hero Wars if possible.

Your timeline is going to be an excellent resource when I return to GMing Glorantha next year. Greatly appreciated; thanks for posting!

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