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Gloranthan Timelines - Generational Perspective


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In my campaign I have long wanted a view of Gloranthan history from a perspective of an ordinary people who might only think about just a few years back, in my father's day, when my grandfather was young, when my great-grandfather was initiated.

At the same I wanted to see what was happening at other regions at the time. Created the database for the calendar information and wanted to share a generational perspective for the Gloranthan history.

Now your Sartarite NPC or your character can say that the Moon worshippers finally got us when my father was young. My grandfather died with the last true king of Sartar - Salinarg.  My grandfather had seen the opening of the seas and the Sun Worshippers receiving their land and starting to construct their temple.

Currently my campaign has some seafaring parts so I wanted to know when closing was in effect overall and in particular areas.

Almost all the dates and history information are compiled from the Guide, Kingdom of Sartar and the new Pavis book.

The generation is defined to be 25 years which might be a bit high for barbarian cultures but would work for civilized. The base year in the years ago is 1625. The table contains event per year for all areas, how many generations ago it happened, how many years ago it happened and whether closing was in effect at the time.


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Wow - this is excellent, very useful!

I always set my RQ Gloranthan games in the Third Age with starting dates of approx ST1610 - ST1615 so I've got a canvas of background events that are cannon, and its not yet in the kickoff of the Hero Wars (? ST1620s onwards). Its a good time to begin as 'ordinary folk' and if the campaign becomes lengthy it could span the decade into the Hero Wars if possible.

Your timeline is going to be an excellent resource when I return to GMing Glorantha next year. Greatly appreciated; thanks for posting!

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" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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Gloranthan Timelines - Generational update

It has been some time since I updated theGloranthan Timelines. There has been several publications since that provided additional history events for Glorantha. Timelines have now been updates with HQ Glorantha, Gloranthan Sourcebook, Sartar Companion, Coming Storm and others that I have found.

Comments welcome


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So What Did Your Family Really Do in the History of Dragon Pass - Additional Glorantha Background Creation

I created a generator for creating additional Dragon Pass backgrounds for your family, father, grandfather and great grandfather. This uses the Gloranthan Timelinesinformation and information from The Guide to Gloranthan Regional Events and some ad lib flavour for the personal actions. The areas included currently are Holy Country, Wastelands, Dragon Pass (Tarsh, Sartar, Grazelands), Elder Wilds and occasional peeks elsewhere. Some other areas will follow. It is pretty much the same than Fonrit generatorexcept for the areas and some new personal actions. 

This can be used with any Gloranthan games. 

Example 1: 

In the year of 1622 at Tarsh member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin)became a notorious outlaw when Tusk Riders raiding in area in the city of Tarshford

In the year of 1616 at Holy Country fatherwas lost at sea when A large army from the Holy Country was ambushed and slaughtered by the Ditali barbarians

In the year of 1570 at Sartar grandauntcame back changed when Giant reported to be attacking nearby settlements in the city of Herongreen

In the year of 1550 at Dragon Pass greatgrandmotherattacked enemy encampment when Jarolar becomes Prince of Sartar

Example 2:

In the year of 1622 at Dragon Pass member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin)had dealings with dwarves when The Great Winter

In the year of 1606 at Dragon Pass auntbetrayed his/her master when Esrolia raids Grazelands

In the year of 1570 at Sartar grandauntwas famed thruout the region as the master of his/her skill when Slimy Chaos invasion vomited from Snakepipe Hollow in the city of Muse Roost

great-grandaunthis/her name causes still a silence when it is mentioned

Example 3:

In the year of 1618 at Tarsh member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin)rose high in the cult when Well-substantiated rumors of nearby foul Chaos outrage: guards doubled as ugly crowds gather. in the city of Ever-New Glory

In the year of 1606 at Dragon Pass motherwas branded as a traitor when Esrolia raids Grazelands

In the year of 1572 at Sartar grandfatherwas banished from the cult when Small group of Lunar missionaries preaching in the city of Falling Ruins

In the year of 1556 at Sartar great-grandunclefought hard when Troll insect convoy passes through: trollkin raiding,unusual trade opportunities possible in the city of Goldedge

Example 4:

In the year of 1621 at Grazelands member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin)participated at the heist of the decade when Visit by Beast Men from nearby with unusual herbs to sell in the city of Rich Post

In the year of 1614 at Dragon Pass motherseeked forgetfulness from alcohol/narcotic substances the rest of his/her days when Lunars raid Grazelands

In the year of 1586 at Tarsh grandfatherwas claimed to have multitude of children outside the clan when Actual Chaotic event occurs nearby: rioting by conservative tribesmen brutally crushed by Lunar soldiers in the city of Ever-New Glory

In the year of 1558 at Sartar great-grandunclefought for freedom when Small group of Lunar missionaries preaching in the city of Dangerford

You will find the generator here. Search from the menu selector: "Sartar Background". Some of the wordings will still need to be tuned for it to be relatively proper English.. 


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