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OpenQuest vs. Magic World vs. Legend


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OpenQuest and Magic World use general hit points and major wounds. Legend uses hit locations.


OpenQuest and Legend use characteristics as starting points for base skill. Magic World assigns a static base number.


OpenQuest and Legend use 4 levels of success. Magic World uses 5 levels of success.


OpenQuest and Legend have divine magic, sorcery, and common (battle) magic. Magic World uses just Sorcery.


OpenQuest uses 3 categories for combat skills. Legend and Magic World tend to be by weapon although both can do weapon groups/styles.


OpenQuest groups skills into Resistances, Combat, Knowledge, and Practical. Legend groups skills into Common and Advanced. Magic World groups skills into Physical, Communication, Knowledge, Manipulation, and Perception.

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OpenQuest and Legend have divine magic, sorcery, and common (battle) magic. Magic World uses just Sorcery.


Although to increase the confusion, Magic World Sorcery is mechanically more similar to OpenQuest Battle Magic and Legend Common Magic than those systems' "Sorcery".


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I think I'm correct in saying Openquest 1 is based on the MRQI SRD, Openquest 2 is a modified version of OQ1. Legend is based on MRQII with all the Glorantha stripped out.

Added to that MW is closer to BRP and based on chaosium's Elric RPG with the moorcockian references taken out..


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While we're on the subject, I would like to point out that if you have any interest in Legend at all, skip it and download the "free" PDF of RuneQuest Essentials. It is written by the same two awesome writers and is an improvement over Legend in several areas IMHO. It can be downloaded from...


It is "crunchier" than either OpenQuest or Magic World, but no more so than Legend.


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