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Blood Tide


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I've read half the book, and the stunts are the very best part of it


You can choose half your POW in stunts, they then cost a variable number of POW points to activate, and you can really fine-craft a peculiar persona through a certain selection.


For example, a lot of stunts allows a special fencing move, if you envision your PC as a swordmaster you could choose "Deadly Duelist", "Flashing Parry" "Initial Carving" and "Riposte", while a burly pirate could use some of the "Fists Like Ham", "Countenance Like A Devil", "Hardy", "It's Just A Flesh Wound" and "Mighty Blow".


During the round you spend the power points, like a sorcerer would to cast spells, and activate the stunt; it's simple, merges quite well with the BRP default system and is very swashbuckler style

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Yeah I was thinking a few weeks ago  of actually posting the 'Extraordinary Abilities' system I had home brewed for my Pulp Era game, but its so similar to the system for Stunts from Blood Tide that there's not much point.


These Stunts from Blood Tide are pretty good, and easy to port over to other cinematic settings. They typically either alter the perimeters/scope for certain skills, or create a circumstantial modifier for certain skills. Using these principles its quite easy to port new Stunts into the system from other game settings, or even change the name of existing Stunts and provide them with different trappings in order to create new Stunts.


For example, in my home brew setting, the female character had a Feat called 'Moxie' which kind of gave her benefits to physical skills to get her out of scraps etc, based on her sheer conviction and devil-may-care attitude rather than an particular skill expertise. I found a mechanical equivalent to this with a Stunt from Blood Tide called 'Natural Athlete', which allows for the skill difficulty to be reduced by one level for physical skills, representing a natural inclination for physical fitness. I used this to create a new 'Moxie' stunt which does the same thing, except it comes from the character's personal swagger rather than any inclination regarding fitness.


This was a great fit, and showed me how easy it was to create new Stunts based on existing Stunts in Blood Tide, and it should be easy to create new Stunts just by name alone.


I hope this Stunts system is included in the Powers section for the new BGB, as it has a wide application as an optional Power system for cinematic settings.

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" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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Heh heh

No, I'm just saying that one day there should be a new BGB, and when that day comes they should put these Stunts in it.

I'm ever hopeful that there will be a BRP BGB every 10 years now...:-)

" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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I got the book and went through the stunts. It is a very interesting system. Some stunts are more more power point intensive than others. There were some that were clearly more powerful than others.

The system as is works for BRP obviously, and with a little tweaking can fit Runequest 6 nicely. Converting to Legend requires more work.

I would have liked to have seen these rules in the basic rule book, but the book that needs them the most is Astounding Adventures.

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Dat be some shiny booty, dat!

Really digging the Stunts. Much simpler than my Feats conversion and I do like simple.

However, anyone else think some may be a bit over powered?

Example: knock-out blow allows you to knock'em out on your next successful melee hit. No resistance at all...?

And of course while the target is down you serve a helping of coup de grace...

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