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Spirit magic abilities


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Taken from page 114:


• Cast Magic. The owner of a Bound Spirit can force
the spirit to cast any Magic that the Spirit knows,
using its own Magic Points. The skill to cast the Magic
is equal to the skill of the Bound Spirit and not the
controlling character. If the spirit uses Divine Magic
then it cannot regain its Divine Spells once they are
used, until it is released.
• Magical Reservoir.The binder of the spirit can
draw upon its Magic Points to power their spells and
rituals, but if their Bound Spirit to 0 Magic Points it is
automatically released.
Now, wouldnt this mean that all spirits have the capabilities of Magic Spirits, as per page 209?
Also, what use would I have of, for example a passion Spirit or Disease spirit, in bound form?
If the statement from p114 above is true, it would work as a magic spirit?
• Spirit Combat. A Bound Spirit cannot initiate spirit
combat, but may be attacked by another Spirit or
Shaman in the normal manner. A Bound Spirit driven
to 0 Magic Points is sent back to the Spirit Plane and
cannot be rebound. A Bound Spirit defends with its
original Spirit Damage rating.
So, can I release the spirit to "do its thing" and then return to the fetish/familiar, or will it just escape to the spirit world?
If I cant do this its only usable as a magic spirit, providing mp:s and spells?
I really appreciate the clarity of the Openqueast ruleset, but when it comes to spirits, spirit bindings etc, I find the info very scattered and not so coherent. This is not true for Openquest only, but equally so for the other BRP-based games.
Maybe its just me not comprehending english fully..since my native language is Swedish....:)
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I would allow a character to release a disease or passion spirit to attack and then it would flee to the spirit world or occupy it's target, as per malign possession.

Not all spirits know magic, some do some don't. If they do a binder can make them cast their spells. If you captured a fire spirit it might know ignite, fire arrow or fire blade, but a slug spirit may know nothing....

These rules were done to emulate the old RuneQuest 2 shamanism rules. Some of the ideas were from my campaign, I sent a list of ideas to Newt many years back which he adapted. I wanted to expand them further, but we both felt they were becoming too complex for OpenQuest.

Simon Bray

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