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Rules for Intoxication


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RQ3 Vikings had some simple and fun rules for this - Viking drinking games are wonderful.


Basically, you totalled up the POT of the drinks and, when they passed a CON threshold, you rolled to see if they had an effect.


So, someone with CON 14 drinking POT 6 beer was Ok for two drinks, as the POT was 6, then 12, but when it reached 18 this is higher than CON, so you made a CONx5% roll, subtracting the POT drunk, so 70-18=58%, if you succeeded you were fine, otherwise something happened. The more you drink, the more likely that something happened.


At least, I think that was how it worked.

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The RQ3 Vikings Book, as suggested by Soltakss,  has alcohol rules that work fine and probably should have been listed as Spot Rules in the BRP BGB.


The Vikings Book had a Beverage Table, and considering that it is long out of print, I can tell you that Beer/Ale ranges from POT 1 to POT 3 or 4, and wines/spirits range from POT 3 to POT 9.


This is from memory (which is a bit rusty):


Basically the drinker receives an ongoing negative modifier  to all skills, equal to accumulated POT ingested.

Once you drink your CON woirth of POT, then you make a Con x5% roll. Failure indicates something negative. A mild failure might indicate that you double the POT% modifier, whereas a more severe one would perhaps triple it.

Fumbling would indicate passing out or something like that.


I've used these rules for years, it always seems to come in handy somewhere

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