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Clockwork & Chivalry More games mechanics questions

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Hi all,


Just about to launch into our second round of Clockwork - Thou shalt not suffer and a couple or so of things came up at the end of The Alchemists Wife.


1.) A couple of spells of the Alchemical variety e.g. For to disrupt the body say that the victim 'may receive a Major Wound at a random hit location'. Is this an extra effect of the spell, if so what kicks it into play, or just an effect of normal damage rules and if so why bother to mention it?


2.) Two weapon use - does this really mean that any person with two weapons in hand can have two attacks per round even if they haven't got a skill of over 100%. Also dual weapon use seems a bit redundant if their skill level less their penalty is still greater than the dual weapon skill, they might as well not bother with it or use an all out attack if they want to hit twice.


I am sure the players were asking about a few other things but I've had a break whilst someone else ran a world of darkness campaign. I try to be a bit cinematic and less rule bound than others in running these things and will often make up a quick ruling on the hoof but some players do like things just so.


The Alchemists wife seemed to go down really well and some interesting, hugely entertaining sessions were had. Unfortunately thanks to fire breathing wolves, exploding badgers, devil's chickens and a few four legged additions of my own the party do now have a tendency to eliminate wildlife at the drop of a hat - still working on attack squirrels though.


Finally a spell devised during play which I quite liked and goes thusly (as attached)






For to Listen Unto The Whispering Breezes.docx

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Ooh, sorry, Yeti, I've only just seen this.


Glad you're having fun with it - and the new spell is cool (and very useful!).

The spells just may cause a Major wound (simply go to the Major Wound table, if the resulting damage is enough - i.e., the target's MWL).

Yes, dual weapons merely offsets the off hand penalty. It can never be higher than the Close Combat skill. It really is only useful if your Adventurer fights with two weapons a lot, and wants to keep his or her Dual Weapons skill close to the level of his or her Close Combat skill.

Good luck on your travels to Kernow - I don't think the wildlife is as hostile (but your poor players should still have plenty to laugh at/worry about) :D



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