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Whoops I made a bit of a mistake as Sir Bernard de Gomme was a Dutchman who fought for the Royalist cause but hey he's got a great name so I'm sticking to it maybe he was seduced by the power of the mainspring?




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20 minutes ago, jagerfury said:

How do you delete a post?

That is a good question, there doesn't seem to be an option. I guess you could just edit, delete the offending post and just replace it with something else? some of the maps would be cool.

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On 8/6/2018 at 7:19 AM, jagerfury said:

I have lost the will to live simply nothing more to give there is nothing more for me, Need the end to set me free

[Butters' brilliant narrative continues]
After travelling a short distance the Doctor and the Witch hunter finally reach the end of the stone tunnel a small postern style gate set into its end. the Doctor turns to Wilhelm and whispers "Well shall we open it?" Wilhelm shrugs "I don't see much option do you?" and with that he throws the bolts aside and pulls the door open on protesting hinges. They stagger back a little shielding their eyes from the sudden weak sunlight which now streams into the tunnel, with one last look back they leave the underground warrens under Saracenic hall and find themselves in it's the overgrown gardens, the ruins of a small stone chapel to their right and the still smoking Hall to their left. Whilst the Hall was still smoking it was obvious that someone had managed to put out the fire as there was no signs of any flames just this weak damp looking smoke which drifted out of the broken windows at the front. The Doctor sighs "Well I suppose its for the best, not having destroyed the house I mean" Wilhelm stretching the kinks out of his back looked like he didn't agree but instead he said "We have made it out by making a deal with my namesake so lets just find the others and tell them the good news, this place stinks?" little did the two know that their comrades were a lot closer than they realized in fact they were hiding in some bushes two hundred or so meters behind them. The bushes had been planted several years back to mask the large pipe and the pool it drained into, this pool may have once been water but that was long ago it now was a stinking pool of thick sticky effluent and the whole area buzzed with the droning of the large fat flies which swarmed around the pool. Thomas his once fine clothes now stained and torn were no longer recognizable as the height of fashion that caused the ladies to swoon, even the silver buttons were tarnished and dull now the whole lot not fit to cloth the meanest of beggars stood knee deep in the noxious liquid trying to peer through the bushes whilst Ralph lay down on the bank, his eyes closed his breath ragged and his blood trickling down into the pool. Thomas thought he could hear voices and whilst he needed to get help for Ralph he knew the locals weren't friendly and he wondered what would get him killed first the fact that he was French or that he had a damn tail. So he was playing it safe for now and just hoped that Ralph could hold on a little longer.

The other two meanwhile had started to head towards the ruin and away from the still smoking house when there suddenly came shouts and movement from the chapel, before they could prepare themselves a group of around five men burst out of the long grass crying out "We found the dastards, there here! there here!" Wilhelm pulled out one of his pistols drawing the doghead back with well practiced smoothness whilst the Doctor fumbled in his breeches. Wilhelm panned his pistol around facing down the men but more movement could be heard coming from the right, it seems as if the shouting had brought reinforcements.

The original group levelled a variety of weapons at the pair but apart from spreading out and jeering at the Doctor and Wilhelm they seemed happy just to keep the pair from escaping. Then the second group made its appearance and at it's head marched a furious looking Joshua Poer "Well, well, well so we have found these murderous dastards then these fopdoodles, these fustilarian scullions who came here to murder and rape" he strode forward a wicked blade held in his hand "Look here men this degenerate is playing with his fecking tackle, well we can soon put a stop to that can't we boys" this last statement is met with loud cheering from his men. Wilhelm looking somehow stoic and confused at the same time quickly glances in the direction of the Doctor and snarls "That's not the sword you should be grabbing you idiot" The Doctor looks daggers at him "You bloody foreigners are all sex obsessed" he pulls out a small leather bag from which he pulls out the gold coin. With the coin raised high he walks towards the advancing Joshua and calls out loudly "You know what this coin means we work for the same Master now and under his protection, step back and let us go" a murmur of disquiet goes through the crowd and some of the men start to drift back seeing this Joshua calls out "Steady men I'm telling you to stand, these men murdered Tom and kidnapped Rachel, coin or not they deserve to die no one fucks a Poer over"

Just then some of the remaining men at the back start to cough, swear and finally step aside as Thomas appears carrying Ralph, the stench that comes off them is eye blistering" Joshua now looking thoroughly confused and red with anger shouts "Oh what the feck is this now?" as he to steps back from the sludge covered pair "What kind of men are you?" Wilhelm has by now also pulled out his coin and is brandishing it aloft replies "Men that your Master needs, Doctor would you be kind enough to give the others their coins?" the Doctor has a look of why me but approaches the pair after taking a very deep breath and making sure his gloves were on. Wilhelm continues "You have all seen the coins, we all have them and you know there is but one way we could have come across them, so for the last time stand aside and let us leave" the men start to break away in small groups, some shrugging their shoulders towards Joshua whilst others tell him almost apologetically that those are the rules, but he refuses to move aside, his blade now gripped in a knuckle white hold. It appears as if teh CL.U.Ber's might get away but as the last of the remaining men begin to drift off a young lady rushes out from the Hall she is wearing a dress of red velvet which clings somewhat suggestively to her figure "Don't leave, these men took Rachel and you don't see her here with them do you? so that must mean they have killed her" Thomas walks forwards his hands raised slightly "My name is Thomas de Fronsac, a gentleman of France, who do I the honour of addressing" he describes a low bow in front of her she in turn rapidly steps back and quickly pulls out a scented handkerchief which she holds to her nose "My name knave is Lysette and I claim that you to satisfy your own dark lusts have murdered a poor innocent girl" Thomas looks shocked "Moi? Mademoiselle, I would never do such a thing I swear to you as a French noble that we have not seen this lady of which you speak" Lysette looks coldly at the excrement covered Frenchman and points a shaking finger at him "Then where is she then? she was alone in the house when you broke in and no one has seen her since" her passion and possibly her outfit had caused some of the men to slow and turn back. Thomas starts to flick his coin over and under his fingers, so deftly did he do so that the coin soon became just a blur of gold "Would we look and smell so bad if we had such a hostage? Mademoiselle we were barely inside the house when we were attacked by your workers forcing us to leave via the basement. I can only think she has fled hearing the musket fire and the smoke, maybe she has, how you say a special friend somewhere that she could go to" there was some more muttering from the men and the name Luke Harper was heard sometimes along with some ribald laughter. This seemed to convince the men that the promise of the coin was enough and this wasn't enough to risk the Lords wrath over a Poers bruised pride.

Joshua rages at them but they continue to drift away so he steps forwards and lays the tip of the blade against Wilhelm's chest "You will die but not before you beg me to end your pain" Wilhelm smiling just shoves the coin into Joshua's face " Beißen mich" and shoves his way past him quickly followed by the others, the Doctor whispers ""What now?" Wilhelm whispers back "We walk out of here like hard bastards but as soon as we are out of sight we run as if the Devil himself was behind us"

The Party walk or in Ralph's case stagger back out across the broads but at least this time they could leave via the raised road. The journey back to Holbeach is filled firstly by each group boasting of their various adventures, then a lot of arguing and then finally some plans got sketched out just as the church spire of St Marks came into view. They were all glad to see Holbeach St Marks again even though it was barely a hamlet but it represented safety, hot food, and a chance to heal and get clean. Ralph was even cried though he just claimed he had something in his eye.

The Party head towards the stream where Thomas and Ralph strip and break out the soap, in Ralph's case he does this very slowly as the wounds on his back start to bleed again. Wilhelm and Giulio head off to get beer and food whilst the Doctor breaks out his medical chest and prepares the needles and catgut. Time passes Giulio and Wilhelm return from the Vagrant Cat with a couple of clay jugs of beer and have somehow managed to convince Mark to rustle up some porridge, Ralph is again stitched up and is covered in bandages and foul smelling poultices and Thomas is now wearing what was his second best outfit which he has adjusted to fit his new appendage which has grown into a muscular tail some three meters long. Through a variety of straps and ties he had managed to strap in down and onto his leg and with his adjusted breeches he now just looked horribly deformed instead of being corrupted and as a Frenchman he could just about carry it off.

So feeling slightly better for the most part the Party seeing the skies start to darken with the promise of rain decide to hole up again at the barn and continue to the market town of Holbeach the following morning where they would send off a dispatch to Zeal telling him of their plans and a strong recommendation that he send a company of men up to Holbeach accompanied by some Ministers and Witch hunters to purge the local area paying special attention to Saracenic Hall and it's environs. They find a small boy desultory sweeping up the hay who is quickly persuaded to come back in the morning by the Doctor and some shiny pennies.

Barely had they got their packs off when they interrupted by the approach of a severely dressed man holding a fowling piece which he levels at the Party and he demands to know what they think they are doing giving his son money to avoid his chores. The Party quickly apologises and tells the man who turns out to be the Farmer who owns the barn that they were demobbed soldiers who had been looking for work but had fallen fowl of some bandits up by Saracenic Hall, they had tried to fight back but as you can see had barely escaped with their lives. Seeing their various injuries and especially after seeing Ralph's ruined back he seems to agree but he does ask a few more questions before saying "Well what you say sadly seems to match with some of the gossip I've heard about the kind of men his Lordship has working for him these days " he points to Ralph "I'd be right in thinking you were the man who talked to Horsely about his hides" Ralph nods "And the rest of you went out with the Butcher?" the Party nods.

The Farmer mutters to himself before placing his gun up against the side of the barn and walking towards the Party with his hand outstretched "My name Is Middlecott, this barn and the land it sits on is mine but I guess I don't mind sharing it for a night at least, though don't get too carried away I might be a Godly man but I'm no fool, so lets say for the use of the barn and something to eat the fee will be a couple of shillings and attendance at tonight's service" he points to the crudely carved pulpit that takes up one corner of the barn "I think you met what passes for our local Minister, well some of us prefer a less Laudian approach" he looks at the Party "And by the looks of you a good sermon is just the thing you need" he smiles picks up his gun and turns to head back to his house "I will send the boy over with some food and some cold water fresh from the well and I expect you to be here and ready for the service at Six bells" he then walks off softly humming to himself.

Middlecott keeps his word and sends the boy back around later with a basket of bread, cheese, a small jar of pickled cauliflower and a clay bottle of cider. The Party finally begin to relax for the first time in what seems like ages and over the meal they finalize their plans. They will head back to Holbeach and contact the Justice of the peace Henry Chiltern and ask him to send their dispatch back to Zeal then a quick look at what's available in the market, restock their food supplies at the very least but some extra powder would be handy as a couple of the CL.U.Ber's were running low also Thomas and Ralph needed to buy some more clothing as they had burnt their soiled clothes as they were far too gone to be mended plus they couldn't get rid of the foul stench that came off from them. After that they would see about renting some rooms and giving their injuries time to heal before doubling back a little to Kings Lynn and seeing if the could to contact this man at the Three sisters, hopefully by then they would have received some word back from Zeal as well.

They cleared away the food and piled their packs up in a corner and they had barely squared everything away before the first of Middlecott's congregation started to arrive, there were some odd looks and hushed words at first as the congregation of local farmers but the locals who made up this congregation seemed a welcoming bunch especially after the Doctor had proven their Puritan credentials. Soon Middlecott arrived with his family and the doors were closed on the small gathering. Middlecott greeted everyone warmly including the CL.U.Ber's and then mounted his pulpit and with a single cough to clear his throat the sermon began,

“Behold, I have smitten mine hand at thy dishonest gain which thou hast made, and at thy blood which hath been in the midst of thee.” The expression of God’s smiting his hand, signifies the greatness of his anger, and his preparing himself, as it were to execute wrath answerable to their heinous crimes. It is an allusion to what we sometimes see in men when they are surprised, by seeing or hearing of some horrid offence, or most intolerable injury, which very much stirs their spirits, and animates them with high resentment; on such an occasion they will rise up in wrath and smite their hands together, as an expression of the heat of their indignation, and full resolution to be avenged on those who have committed the injury; as in chap. 21:7. ” I will also smite mine hands together, and I will cause my fury to rest: I the Lord have said it,” the sermon lasted several hours and Middlecott delivered it well and the locals quickly warmed to his themes of Gods punishment of the sinful but all too soon the sermon came to an end and half an hour later the barn was empty again apart from the CL.U.Ber's Middlecott wishing them a restful night and promising to send the boy around in the morning to wake them up and to bring over a pot of pottage. The Party set out their bedrolls and chat softly amongst themselves trying to make sense of the recent events, the Doctor fusses over Ralph who was still in a pretty bad way even though he could move unaided now. Wilhelm and Giulio agree to take the last couple of watches and are soon snoring away worn out from the days events and in Wilhelm's case the shock of becoming a blonde. Ralph staggers outside to relieve himself, he also took the opportunity to hide a couple of his bear traps outside just in case. The Doctor looking pale and dark eyed soon headed up to the hayloft and snuggled down deep in the hay as if trying to hide from the world and he to was soon fast asleep. Now only Ralph and Thomas remained up and they chatted quietly amongst themselves about a variety of things including tail removal, Ralph trying to convince the Frenchman to get the Doctor to remove it but the Frenchman remained unconvinced believing that it would be too dangerous to remove. Most of the lanterns were turned off until finally only one remained to cast its dim light across the barn
Thomas stood up and cricked his back "Well that's me done for the day, wake me up in a couple of hours " he looks worried and adds "You sure you are up to this, I've never seen wounds as bad as yours before" Ralph grins a horrid grin but Thomas can see the deep pools of pain in Ralph's eyes as he replies "I'm sure I'm fine, hey its not as if I would be getting much sleep anyhow with this back, so you get your head down I will wake you soon enough"

Thomas pats Ralph on the shoulder and wishes him goodnight and he heads over to his bedroll. An hour passes and Ralph continues to sit in the gloom of the barn quietly passing a whetstone over and over again along the edge of Child's Wail getting the edge sharper and sharper until it shimmered and then suddenly he stops cocking his head to one side, He then slowly struggles up and shuffles to the front of the barns by the closed doors. He listens intently for a moment and then steps back gripping his axe tightly as the nights silence is suddenly broken by a loud crunch followed by a brief scream of agony which is swiftly followed by a lot of sobbed curses "Feck! the dirty bastards have left fucking traps outside, get over here and help me"


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Although I'll fight, I know I'll die! As a man marked by Zeal I'll fight 'til the end!
A mighty warrior to glory I stride, to fight once more yet destined to fall blooded as a hero of sagas old! The doors of Valhalla swing open at my approach, and the Valkyries sing to me that my journey is done, Remember me forevermore
[Butters recounts the Saracenic Hall aftermath]

Ralph yells "To arms! the enemy is without" he moves further back into the barn gripping his great axe. Thomas staggers awake and quickly readies his pistol whilst the others only stir fitfully in their sleep. Thomas the Frenchman can now hear the angry cries of pain coming from just behind the barns double doors, doors which he notices slowly opening the bar having being lifted off by a dagger's blade.
The doors swing open and the faint light from the dimmed lantern reveals a scruffy, heavily scarred man who is leaning forwards thin dagger in hand, his leg caught in one of Ralph's traps he looks back over his shoulder and into the darkness beyond and screams out "The doors are fucking open! now get me out of this trap you bastards" the man's accent marks him out as an Irishman.
As soon as the doors swing fully open Ralph rushes out and quickly places his axe upon the trapped mans neck, his eyes scanning the darkness beyond, he loudly calls out "State your name and business...friend" there is a flash of powder igniting and Ralph tries to twist away but he's too late and the bullet catches him in the leg, blowing through meat and muscle causing him to groan and stagger back, he quickly regains his balance though and grunts "Your friend just fucked you over" and with that he steps a little back, swings his axe up in an underhand swing ripping into the Irishman's stomach and almost disembowelling him. The man screams red murder as he desperately tries to stop his intestines from spooling out in front of him. Ralph backs further away from the steaming pile of guts, coughing at the sudden stench, his right leg dragging limply behind him. He almost makes it back to the safety of the barn but the trapped Irishman yells out and Ralph pauses to look back. The Irishman with sheer hate has managed to pull out his pistol and with tears flowing from his pain-filled eyes he smiles and pulls the trigger but his aim is off and the shot misses, Ralph looks down at himself then at the barn and laughs "So the saying is true, you Irish really can't hit the side of a barn" still laughing he ducks back inside ignoring the other mans pain filled curses.
An older weary voice can now be heard from outside"Oh for God's sake, they're inside you idiots get them before they get away" this is followed by a mighty roar and from out of the darkness a mountain charges.
The mountain is Sam Carter and he wields a huge iron-studded club which he swings with incredible force causing the air to whoosh in its passing. He roars in guttural rage his beady eyes settling on to Ralph who turns to face this new threat but before Sam can take a further step forwards a single shot rings out and a bullet streaks across the barn from where the Frenchman stands in the classic pose of the duellist. Sam turns his potato-shaped head to the sound of the gun which causes the bullet to hit the side of his head peeling off his right ear in a welter of blood and gristle. Sam shakes his head, like some kind of monstrous bull blood spraying thickly across the dirt floor. He looks around but the Frenchman has retreated back into the shadows leaving only a wisp of smoke behind so he just spits towards the gun smoke and lumbers back towards Ralph. An evil grin splitting his face "I'm going to hurt you bad, little man"
Ralph tries to back a little further into the barn so he can use the barn's wall as support but his leg slows him down just enough for Sam to reach him beforehand. And so Sam swings his club again but luckily he misjudges things somewhat and instead of crushing Ralph his club bounces off the doors frame causing the whole building to shudder. Ralph takes the opportunity to swing his axe into Sam's guts but with an amazing turn of speed considering his size Sam manages to swing his club back down to block Ralph's attack causing a shower of splinters and sparks to rain down onto the floor below.
Sams laugh is cut short though as his parry has opened him up to the Frenchman's rapier which suddenly darts out from nowhere to slash a bloody line across the brute's chest.
The Doctor meanwhile has finally woken up and seeing his two friends engaged with a monster he hurriedly starts to buckle on his armour yelling out "Hang on, I'm coming...just a minute" the other two CL.U.Ber's remain in a booze-soaked sleep and only Wilhelm slightly stir's.
Sam now engaged on two fronts begins wildly swinging his club trying to force the CL.U.Ber's back, trying to get himself into a better position. Ralph lets a few of these swings past, judging the rhythm and then with a mighty roar of "Kiss my axe" he raises his axe up high and then brings it smashing downward in a terrible arc.
The axe crunches down into Sams' chest, splitting his ribs and smashing his heart to a pulp. Sam looks down at Ralph in shock, and tries to headbutt him but instead he just vomits a torrent of blood down into Ralph's face before collapsing onto the floor with a thud that causes a huge dust cloud to rise up from the barns floor briefly obscuring the doorway beyond and causes Thomas and Ralph to painfully start coughing.
Thomas stalks forward flicking blood from his blade and pats Ralph on the back "Fine work, my friend, he was a true enfant terrible no?" Ralph struggling to remain upright just nods and begins to pat his pockets in a desperate search for a handkerchief.
"Hey! Sam might be dead but I ain't you bastards" the pair turn and see the scarred man hunched in the doorway, belt now tied tightly across his ruined stomach in a desperate attempt to hold in whatever remained of his guts. The pair look down following the steaming purple horror until they notice that the man had left his foot behind in the trap, as well as an intestine or two. The man seeing their horrified faces just grins "We Irish are hard to kill...unlike you fecking English" he slashes madly out with his dagger but in his pain-wracked state completely misjudges the distance and ends up just slicing the air but with a deft movement of his wrists Thomas brings his rapier swiftly up and thrusts it's tip through the mans chest and into his heart killing him instantly. Looking down at the dead body he quietly says "Vive la France" a barely standing Ralph sways somewhat alarmingly but after Thomas reaches out to steady him he looks the Frenchman in the eyes then down at the mangled body on the floor and with a huge grin says "Vive la bloody France indeed my friend" and then they both burst out laughing
The laughing is unfortunately cut short as Joshua Poer himself finally stalks into the barn, a long oddly curved dagger of some oily black metal held loosely in one hand and without saying a word he lunges swiftly forwards thrusting the blade towards Ralph who yells out in shock and barely avoids its deadly kiss. Joshua is a whirlwind his blade thrusting and slicing seemingly from every angle at once and Ralph and Thomas find themselves sorely pressed. Then suddenly Ralph stops his axe drops from suddenly numb fingers to fall to the ground. Thomas quickly glances to his side, a questioning look on his face and is just in time to see Joshua pull out his dagger from the side of Ralph's neck in a welter of arterial blood. Ralph turns and tries to say something but whatever he had hoped to say was drowned out by the sudden flood of blood that bubbled out from his mouth, and with a thud, he falls to his knees before falling forward and hitting the dirt. Joshua finally speaks "That's one debt cleared" before he flicks his blade splashing Ralph's blood across the barns wooden walls.
Thomas has to recover from his shock quickly as Joshua again launches a blistering attack, the Frenchman is an exceptional duelist though and is rumoured to have trained under the great Girolamo Cavalcabo himself and its that skill that kept him alive parrying a dizzying amount of thrusts and slices from Joshua but still he finds himself being driven further back into the interior of the barn. The Doctor finally jumps down from the hayloft and fires his pistol at the darkly dressed Poer but the bullet misses its mark, the Doctor confused by the swirling figure of Poer whose coat tails and swirling scarfs work together to hide his bodies true location.
Joshua turns to look at the Doctor and snarls his voice rising with every word "You murdered my children, you planned to usurp me in the Masters affections!" the shocked Doctor just splutters out "You bloody fool we're not here to steal anything from you, besides you idiot we're off to the bloody Americas by weeks end" A look of doubt enters Joshua's eyes and he glances down at his dead men and stepson "No you lie, all this can't have been for nothing" and he again launches himself at the Frenchman who now having the measure of his attacker is able to turn aside the dagger thrusts easily and in turn he starts to break down Joshua defences scoring a small cut here, a shallow slice there but each blow causes Joshua to bleed that little bit more.
The Doctor drops his pistol and draws his sword and tries to increase the pressure on Joshua.
Joshua his hand bleeding heavily from all the cuts dealt to them by the Frenchman peddles backwards just barely avoiding another rapier thrust to his chest but he uses that space to kick out catching the Frenchman by surprise and briefly staggering him, with the Frenchman unable to attack for a brief moment Joshua turns on the Doctor seeing that he is by far the weakest swordsman, hoping no doubt to finish him off quickly so that he could turn his full attention back onto the Frenchman. The Doctor trades a quick series of blows and somehow manages to avoid the worst of things but the Doctor realising that he no match for this man quickly goes into full defence trying to hold on until the Frenchman can rejoin the fray but it's no good as Joshua easily breaks past his now wild defensive parries and he leans low to one side his dagger held just above the ground and then with a viper fast swing to the side and the Doctor back he thrusts the blade past the Doctors Cuirass and into his back. One sharp twist later and the blade nicks the spine causing the Doctor to spasm and almost fall to the ground as the feelings in his legs disappear.
Joshua smiles and looks down into the Doctors face his dagger held high for the killing blow "Another debt paid" and he plunges the dagger down in a two handed grip towards the sweet spot the Doctor closes his eye and.......... nothing no pain, no searing agony he cautiously opens his eye and see that the dagger is mere inches from plunging into him but is being held back by the Frenchman's blade "Bugger I'm never going to live this down" thinks the relieved Doctor and then with a sudden roar of unfulfilled rage Joshua twists and slides his dagger down the Frenchman's own blade. Thomas laughing merely dips his own blade down and with a twist his blade is free and past the black blade causing Joshua to over balance and stumble, he quickly corrects his stance though not before Thomas can press his advantage and with a dancers elegance he brings his sword up and across slicing through the now exposed throat of Joshua Poer "I think you have caused enough trouble Mon Ami?" and with Joshua madly clasping both hands to his ruined throat in a desperate attempt to stop his life's blood pumping out the Frenchman leans forwards blows gently but shoves hard and Joshua falls backwards, he throws out his hands in an subconscious attempt to break his fall but as soon as he removes his hands from that second new smile the blood fountains up with enough force to spray the ceiling above and within a minute the much feared Joshua Poer lies dead, the last of his blood now pumping weakly across the dirt floor.
The Doctor barely able to move crawls over to his cousin calling Ralph's name with every painful inch but Ralph does not answer. The Doctor finally makes it over to his cousins still form and manages somehow to turn him over and cradling Ralph's horrifically hideous head in his arms he weeps for the fallen hero."Noooo! Ralph come back to us don't go, what will I tell Black Philip?" The Frenchman straightens up from the body of Joshua and mutters "Puzzle pieces, what putain de good are these?" and as he walks past the grieving Doctor to check the outside he pauses and looks down at some scratching's in the dirt "Doctor what does Zprtkl mean?" the Doctor wipes the tears from his eye and with an embarrassed thud drops Ralph's head "What?" the Frenchman points to the floor by Ralph's hands "See Doctor it looks like Ralph was trying to leave a message but I have not heard of this English word Zprtkl before" The Doctor tries to get up but is forced back to the floor by the pain and instead he closes Ralph's eyes and looking up at the Frenchman says quietly "Who knows, the big lummox never got the hang of his letters". The Frenchman looks thoughtful for a moment before heading out into the dark "Yes but he did create a kind of poetry with those axes of his"
From the hayloft a voice calls out in a thick German accent "Hey keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep,Verdammt"

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