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Using Warhammer materials in other d100 Games?


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So, from what I understand, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1e & 2e) is some kind of RuneQuest derivative. And Warhammer 40K Roleplaying is a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay derivative.


Has anyone tried lifting some of that stuff and using it in a RQ or MW or other type of BRP game?


I haven't tried it or looked into it much yet, but it just occurred to me that there may be some decent cross-compatibility there. I know character advancement is quite different (particularly in 40k), but some of the other stuff might be more useful in a d100 game.


I dont know if HP are on the same scale, but if they are, that gives you access to the weapons; and vehicles are probably the easiest thing to port in. I would suspect that you may be able to just pick up the adversaries and use them, as well.


Plus, you might be able to import and use their talents/feats/whatever you want to call them in a way that is compatible with Legend's legendary abilities or blood tide's stunts.


Just a thought.

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You can use Warhammer's setting with few problems, as the powerlevels are similar and easily eyeballed.

The mechanics may look similar, but there is precious little cross-compatability. The Warhammer-talents can be lifted, as they're mostly minute modifiers to skill.

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Hmm. I was thinking that the game mechanics were the part I might be interested in. (the Fantasy setting is alright - I like squigs, but most of the rest of the fantasy setting I'm indifferent to, and I actually really dislike the 40K setting, because I really dislike the human galactic empire, and wh40k is a humanocentric setting.)


I'll take a look at it a bit more and see if I can see anything besides the talents that might port over pretty easily.

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So you're interested in porting some of the  WHFRP/WH40K mechanics into BRP? Rather than using the settings in BRP.


The two mechanical elements that to me really differentiate the two from BRP (and co.) is the magic(Psyker Powers)  and the Hordes rules (from the later WH40K books).


Magic in the WH system is almost more dangerous to its practicioneers than their opponents: pretty much every failed roll, not just fumbles, have potential to loose ravening mayhem from the warp.


Hordes (mook swarms) would be a neat addition to  BRP: with a single statistics block representing  large numbers of opponents. The CON could represent the total number of combatants in the horde, and each successful hit versus the Horde would reduce the CON by 1.

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Those both seem kindof neat.


I was also considering their Spaceship rules. Haven't looked at those too closely yet, but I don't think there is a SciFi/Ships in Space BRP book, so porting them from WH40k might be helpful.


Of course there is also the talents, the character creation rules might have something in them that could make an interesting addition to BRP, there are more varieties of weapons and armor, and perhaps their dice mechanic.


Looking at Dark Heresy 2e, the dice mechanic is obviously still a d100, the difficulties are like Mongoose' Legend other than the fact that the penalties are capped at -60 instead of -80, and rather than the d100 variety of success they do degrees of success (which is something I wish d100 had more granularity with). You'd have to do some tweaking to make it work, but I think more granular degrees of success could add something good to the system.

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Theoretically 10. Your # of degrees of success is the difference between the 10s digit of your roll vs the 10s digit of what you needed to succeed. So if you needed a 55, and you got a 55, that's 1 DoS, and if you got a 41, that's 2 DoS, if you got a 39 that's 3 DoS, etc. It's basically every 10 is a DoS, but they ignore the 1s digit to make the math a bit faster.


And the system seems to not have rules for crits or botches at all, which was an interesting change (that I'm not sure I would want to go along with - though I may do just a flat 5% chance of both, D&D style... we'll see.).


[Edit] I wasn't counting the degree of success you got y *Succeeding*, so in my example all of the numbers were off by 1. Fixed now.

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I was skimming Dark Heresy 2e book again.


For perspective on how their numbers work, attributes (characteristics) start at either 20 or 30, and can be increased by an additional 25 from there. Skills start at -20 (unskilled penalty), and can be bought up to +30. When you roll a skill, it's Characteristic + Skill, like in most other RPGs. So, before circumstance modifiers, a DH2e's character's trained skills max out at 85, and start in the 35-45 but circumstance modifiers are much more abundant than they are in BRP. I'm not sure just how abundant skill bonuses are, but I do know that they max out at +/- 60, no matter how many you have.


Of course, for bits that are highly incompatible, DH2e characters are highly class-based. The binary options you choose set the base values of your stuff as well as the prices of many of your options. Looking at the DH2e number scales, you would indeed have a tricky time using DH2e characters in a d100 game. You'd need to figure out their attributes and derived stats, and most of the character numbers are notably lower. HP are a 7 or 8 or 9 + 1d5, which can be raised by a talent you can buy repeatedly, each time raising your HP by 1. DH2e characters don't have many HPs. As mentioned, skill totals cap out at 85 rather than 100 or ∞. And the talents don't have a ready analogue to BRP (though some of them would work great on their own, just plopped in).


So you're not going to be able to just plop down a bunch of Dark Heresy aliens or characters in a BRP game and expect them to work well. There's a bunch of stuff you would have to calculate/make up, and you'd have to scale up their numbers. It's straightforward enough that you could probably automate it easily enough, but not simple enough that you can just plop them in and use them seamlessly like you can with various BRP Based systems. That said; that doesn't mean other WH40KRPG stuff isn't easily ported over. The rolling system would be pretty easy to port, as mentioned (I really like degrees of success), and many of the talents would be easy enough to port over. Armor seems usable - though I'm not sure if it's on the same scale such that you could mix & match - but at the very least it looks like you could just use the WH40K armor if you wanted.

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I downloaded that the other day, but haven't had a chance to look through it yet.


I'll see what it has to offer, but where it's largely based on RuneQuest and Warhammer, I don't expect it will have a great deal of material to offer that is not in either of them. Perhaps a new magic system or something of the sort.

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